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  1. Used to be maps showing the locations of Orbx products, not finding them. Where might they be now? Thx
  2. LOL, sidestepped with the grace of a politician. But not a problem as I have P3Dv4 and plagued with curiosity .
  3. Been gone for a while and notice that P3Dv5 is now out as well as CityScene Charleston. However, Charleston, which has been out for almost exactly one year, is listed as P3Dv4, not P3Dv5. Yesterday Nick wrote regarding updating to P3Dv5, "it remains the intention to update the airports". While waiting, will Charleston run well with P3Dv4? If not, any hints on when it might happen?
  4. My concept would be for me and my girl to fly to points of interest for a few days at a time and rather than take chances on the water and bedbug situation, at a minimum, just bunk down in the plane. Kinda tight quarters, but no worse than a tent when camping. Was just wondering if this was something the airport would support; just park in an out of the way area, as we would anyway, but with a power connection. This is ofc FS fantasy, lacking my very own 707
  5. Ofc you would need a power connection. But wondering if the airport would allow you to live out of your aircraft overnight or for a few days, no idea, hence my question.
  6. Like a lot of ppl I'm poring over the Orbx Direct Catalogue comparing goodies I still haven't bought. And I have found the organization of your Catalogue to be quite unhelpful, hence a few small suggestions that would help me, and I assume others, from having to flip back and forth between pages on a single item to discover, or not, desired info. 1) Include the price on the front page 2) Include in the pictures, preferable in the top three in the group: a. a picture showing the actual air strip, preferable looking down the length of the runway from the point of view
  7. OK, I'm rich and have my own private airliner which I fly. Can I chose to stay in it when traveling rather than go to a hotel? Ofc I can fit it out for that, but can airports accommodate/allow it?
  8. Hey, viewed the youtube and carefully followed it's and your instructions and it WORKED! Actually, quite simple.
  9. I want you to know this has trashed my afternoon prowling the internet. Conclusions Arconis might be quite nice for backing up, but Active@ Disk Boot seems to have the best recovery support. Having my system recently crash so badly I couldn't for the first time fix it and had to actually pay money to have a tech clean it up and reinstall Win7, this is high priority for me. So I'm hoping to use Active@Disk Boot for maintaining an incrementally updated image of the key C: and hope I never need the recovery features. Also realized I was mixing up local back up and cloud storage. I
  10. Finally installing via Central my Orbx Collection on my new rebuilt computer. Is it possible to run FSX on one drive and have Central install the scenery on a different drive? If so how? I have looked and missed it, but at least one fellow simmer has mentioned that is how they are doing it.
  11. Thx for the info, MMO is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game, think Warcraft as an example. The SSD gives me much faster and more fluid movement, frames per second. Had played off of a SATA II, 3GB/sec conventional HD and installing on a SATA III, 6GB/sec, SSD about doubled the fps, about the same for FSX. How did you control where Orbx Central installed the scenery? I looked but missed that.
  12. Purchased a SATA 3 SSD to devote to the OS and to FSX. Also added a MMO, where I saw a marked improvement in fps. Have now added a new conventional HD that is also SATA 3, ie 6GB/sec. Would I likely be able to keep the increased fps in the MMO if I moved it to the conventional HD so I can open up space on the SSD, where I can stuff more and more Orbx goodies.
  13. There was/is? a download for AI Traffic Pago Pago. It is not in the Oceania Freeware page. Any idea where it might be?
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