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  1. POHAM was closed, lol, garage is just out side fence of POPHAM
  2. OOOOOOHHHHH , I love GA,, card is ready as just purchased EGTH Old Warden ,,, is there any more for the near future, such EGBO Ha'penny Green
  3. wowwww , very nice shots .Sir
  4. Brilliant scenery product of ORBX
  5. Just had to get the card out again with ORBX,, purchase EGTH with a with a smile, ,
  6. Thank to all for kind remarks de Will
  7. corrrrr blimey , nooo,,,CAA would be cross with me and my wallet a bit lighter
  8. run up = term used for mag checks ect. Sorry Jack ,, I don't quite understand your remark,, let me explain I was" running up" before the the train was in view,,,,, , I was also "running up" when the train became in view ,,,, I was also "running up" when the train passed out of view,,,, the train did not prevent any "" running up"
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