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  1. p3d , sp4 , + FS global Ultimate When flying Australia the mesh looks FSX default not Ultimate FTX central is default Osceania ?
  2. p3d with FS global ultimate + NA blue SAK is the mesh i'm seeing in Alaska , Ultimate or Orbx ?
  3. thank you. Flying out of Skagway is incredible . A master piece of work I've loaded FS global ultimate mesh + Orbx SAK is the mesh around Skagway , your mesh or Ultimate's ?
  4. p3d I've loaded everything Orbx. plus Tongass X. When I fly into Tongass X , do I leave FTX central to North America or do I change it to Global ? or does Tongass X preclude any Orbx stuff ?
  5. FTXNAbluePFJ100 --- want to upgrade to 140
  6. I have the original Pacific Fjords to upgrade , do I simply download the new one and install ?
  7. I've done a clean install of FSX. Installed Orbx regions. Should I next install FTX global then Vectors then Europe, then FS ultimate mesh ?
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