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  1. Oh, for nl it doesn't do that (show it) but nice, thanks! And other options?
  2. hi all so. New windows, new sim..sorta, new chase for best performance / eye candy balance. in true earth, there are a lot of settings. I'm wondering what some of them mean.. And what is more performance hungry. things like " rooftop objects" what does that mean? And what does it do for frames. and the settings in general. There used to be a "performance impact:....." Addition to the description..but not here. Any tips? cheers Vic
  3. Nie nice! What aircraft is that. And indeed, that airport. Which one could it be?.. How did you install adams set? cause I get a black screen..
  4. Hi all Well, only 1 pictures, eys I can do that THis really shows the power of NL. And some nice dutch weather
  5. o you guys witht he KLM alcohol jokes nice shots indeed! what are you AA settings at? it looks so.. crisp..
  6. Just read.. that you have to have posted to vote.. sorry, will start in may.
  7. haha, yepp, it was quite a hassle to download. really nice shots! GO exlore the rest of our beautiful country!
  8. HI all SO, after some hassle installing, and me even using team viewer at friends to manage my pc and downloads at home, we are ready. I made a nice flight from EHMZ (Middelburg) to Groningen, Using VOR stations, as well as just some random GPS points to enjoy the scenery a tad better (never fly over Amsterdam the way I did!) It are quite a few pictures in the album! but I picked the "best" one.. I hope. Enjoy! Here we are, Henk en Sarah. EHMZ. NO idea what they did there. It was a really bad day weather wise, so I hope they didnt go to the beach. Middleburg is nice, so lets say they went for an expensive hamburger. Do you see, how beautiful the airport from NL2000 lies in between the fields, said Sarah to Henk?" They were well aware they are in a simulator, but it didn't matter, they have had hamburgers! After a short take off roll, off they were. With on the left side you can see Vlissinge harbour And the Middelburg appeared, with that amazing Hamburger restaurant ( I should have gone for sushi roll, thought Sarah, so I could have said > I want to make a short take off shushi roll please) And there we have it, said Sarah to henk, The Oosterscheldekering. 9 kilometers long, finished in 1986 due to ... yes yes I know, said henk. you *** know it all After a short silence, Sarah yelled LOOKKK< Rotterdam, almost the whole city center was demolished during WWII. And it is still being rebuild. They give names to everything, you know? WHorewalker for a bridge, Buy Gutter for a shopping street. Lovely people they are! SO Henk took out his drone, flew it in front of the airplane (while Sarah paused their lives for a few seconds, to make this shot. Rotterdam airport (they didn't want to load NL2000 for that one. didn't matter either!) Some where in between, they noticed a distinc lack of Alberth Heijn Supermarkets, but hey, Jumbo was very present As they flew towards Amsterdam, One of the most precise build cities in their opinions, but still with a lot of history. "Did you know" said sarah "that it was already inhabited by the Romans 2000 years ago! What was the city called again? Ohyeah. Alphen aan de Rijn And there she is. "I really hate those people, who think that Amsterdam is the Netherlands, or worse.. that people don't even know the Netherlands but know AMsterdam."said Sarah "Yes yes, I know, I agree, utrecht is also very beautiful" "We should have flown there, would make more sense" "Yupp, but hey, we don't decide about our lives here, he added it to the flightplan of default GPS.. and yeah, it sucks to reprogram.. so tja" As the flew over the bosbaan, the place for rowers (one of the most popular student sports!) they looked behind, to see how beautiful fly tampa's EHAM fitted into the rest. And there we have it kids! That drone does do miracles (even though the cloud shadows disappeared for Henk quite often.. a bug in their Life Engine he guessed. You can see how beautiful the Rijksmuseum is! And the vondelpark Speaking of kids! The green ship. Nemo! The place for young scientists, playful minds.. or both to explore! No, it doesn't float! IJmuiden yelledHenk! Yes yes dear, I know you hate it, when you fly over it.. it means you'll land on the Polderbaan. 18R.. and that means.. long taxi It is also the gate to the Noordzee via het Noorzeekanaal. But they only cared about the skies As they flew towards Den helder. next point on that stupid GPS of theirs, they lfew ove Zaanstad. The city where Mister Albert Heijn invented "Put it in a Zakje" or did he? And there we have it, Den Helder. With Texel right after it. It actually is really big yo, 170 square KM yo'all..., Texel, you have busses, !! And it was already inhabited around 8000 v CHr And there comes Ameland already, while flying over "HAHAHAH COCKSDROP" "yes Sarah,.. yes..." said Henk. "I'm more worried about those clouds that Active SKy puts there, I think we will move to leeuwarden. " "and on our right side.. we see Harlingen. The harbour for the boat to Ameland Again,.. that Drone though And there it is.. Leeuwarden! The Fries are proud people. and understandable. They have their own official accent and... well, yeah, they sued to be able to ice skate. And that was about it I guess? Leeuwarden is the city of Culture for this year.. They don't get it either BUt they have a history since the Roman time. province is beautiful! This is where Henk and Sarah life (actually.. only Sarah ;))! I won't tell you where , but it is there! (so well done ORBX thought Sarah!) Let's go to groningen. From the South East, while flying over 'NORG" you can see the beautiful NL2000 airport with Eelde next to it, and Groningen! A beautiful city. Really worth! And then.. everyone turned their lights on.. Really sudden. I guess they're linked or something -thought Sarah Last turn from downwind to Final! "FLying over Foxhol and another Polder! We need those dry lands yo! We need them munch" "yes Henk! you are too old to be cool!" One last drone shot. Established! Eelde and groningen on the right.. so yeah, we actually made a turn So close!! And there we are! Not sure where that green house comes from! But it looks legit Thanks you all for watching this many pictures.. I'm truly sorry
  9. One of the key things I missed in my flight are: The Sint Jans Kerk in Den Bosch. A beauitful piece of art. https://www.google.nl/search?q=sint+janskathedraal&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjtsNnEsOTaAhWLQBQKHXUYCRoQ_AUICigB https://www.google.nl/maps/place/Sint-Janskathedraal/@51.6879915,5.3084641,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xbf57392d7fd228d3!8m2!3d51.6879915!4d5.3084641 Also, the Campus in Wageningen needs to be looked at. https://www.google.nl/maps/search/wagenignen+campus/@51.9845978,5.6637509,586m/data=!3m1!1e3 This area is used quite often by myself and some friends for military flights (like irl). and there are simply no building there, as well as the star flats missing. https://www.google.nl/search?tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=cEvoWoLOHoHAUtKonKgJ&q=Wagenignen+Campus&oq=Wagenignen+Campus&gs_l=psy-ab.3...111846.114741.0.114873. https://www.google.nl/search?tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=5UvoWtbOIYbiU8THktAG&q=ster+flats+wageningen&oq=ster+flats+wageningen&gs_l=psy-ab.3...44972.47402.0.47657. I will try to get better examples next time / while flying in the sim :). I also noticed an elevation error at the Martinus Nijhoff brug. https://www.google.nl/maps/search/zaltbommel+brug/@51.8194676,5.2566494,1173m/data=!3m1!1e3 Cars dive in first before going back up on the bridge (BTW, love your bridge rendition!!)
  10. wow, I must have missed that. Didn't expect a pinned post about it, my mistake Cheers guys!
  11. Nice shots ! yeah, it is a hop I love doing just some little Vatsim training! WHich aircraft / addon is that? does it have navigraph etc? And what approach did you use? You landed on 06.. but you flew over Flevoland? The weather isn't great for seeing the scenery though.. typical .. default themes it is
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