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  1. Hi, I am new to Orbx products and just purchased Global, Vector and EuropeLC. Everything installed correctly and looks great but I have a question about the install order in my Scenery.cfg file. I use FSX Scenery Manager to turn airports on and off and I notice that all of the ORBX stuff is at the top of the list (exception being LC which is near the bottom). So my question is this, should I just leave it alone or move them down so they are below my addon airports? thanks,
  2. I am thinking about changing my base graphics to Global, Vector and Europe LC and have a few questions. 1) Is there a discount for bundling all of these products together? 2) If you buy for FSX can you also install into P3D with the same installer ? Is there a cost to also install into P3D ? 3) If you run both FSX and P3D on the same computer, can you do so under the same license or do you need to buy another ? thanks,
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