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  1. By the way just as an aside on the overall performance of KEGE. It is really incredible how such a detailed airport and surrounding scenery can be so light on VAS and so good on framerates. Flying the NGX in there or A2A Commanche with no noticeable frame loss. Now there might actually be a framerate loss, I was not looking at the counter but I could not notice anything. Quite amazing.
  2. The chart is a little confusing because you are actually well above the GP until just before WASHI (which now that I look at it does coincide with the chart). My concern was more with the offset course here because it does not follow the chart at 246 degrees.
  3. Interesting. I just tried it again in the PMDG NGX. The setting for Mag vs True was default so maybe that is the issue. Anyway, I tried it again and there is a direrging path between the chart path and the path flown on the LOC. Turns out it still puts you on an offset ILS and pretty easy to land but in IMC conditions I don't think anyone would be very comfortable moving off the charted path with the terrain surrounding this airport.
  4. I understand that it is ofset but the path goes through waypoints AQUILA WEHAI AIGLE WASHI CIPKU. This should happen if you fly LNAV through these waypoints or fly the ILS 25 on a course of 246 at frequency 109.75 but it does not seem to do so. I will give it another try this afternoon to see if I am missing something here.
  5. Are you using DX10 by chance? Steve advised there is something in FSX that causes a pause around these altitudes when using DX10.
  6. Yesterday I flew the AAL flight from KDFW to KEGE with the planned arrival being the LDA 25. I was flying the PMDG 737 (yes, even though AA used the A319 on this particular flight). The FMC was programmed correctly for the waypoints on the LDA but when I selected LOC the aircraft veered quite far off course. Note that I did have the course of 246 programmed in correctly. I ended up abandoning the LOC and going back to LNAV to complete the arrival. So my question is this....is there an error in the way the ILS is programmed in this scenery ?
  7. OK updated the libs and enabled the scenery. Result: Magic! thanks everyone.
  8. Thanks for the help. I will give it a go once I get home after work!
  9. Wonder if someone can help me figure out what is wrong. I installed Canada / Alaska LC and now I have a big mess of random tiles all over. The tiles are also flickering and changing as i fly along. There were no issues with the install that I noticed and when looking at my Scenery.cfg if see I have 2 entries - NA1 and NA2 which are just above the entries for LC Europe. I have also turned off the LC I had in place that was the old Cloud 9 stuff for Cananda.
  10. I have installed the new freemesh product as well as FSGlobal 2010. I have not looked but I wonder if freemesh fixes this ?
  11. You have a good point! OK if it is not LC then should it not be changed in Vector ?
  12. Looking at the screenshots from LC Canada, looks great, however, before you release you really should update Niagara Falls to show the Canadian Falls as a horseshoe rather than a straight line. Obviously an area people will go to and look at and would be nice to have it closer to reality.
  13. Actually copied over the entire FSX terrain.cfg and it fixed it. Thanks so much for the help Holger.
  14. Thanks Holger, I think you nailed it. I actually install the scenery into FSX and then reference it in FSX-SE. This is a trick that I picked up from Pete Dowson to make the transition over to FSX-SE easier. I will go into my FSX terrain.cfg and copy over the ORBX entries with full paths and that should fix the problem.
  15. Vancouver has water right at the end of the runway at CYVR as shown in the pic its land. For Portland, I that was the Lat reference, I slewed out over the ocean and there was none. I just tried it again departing from Pacific City State Airport on the coast and had the same result. Here is a screenshot off the coast of KPFC, nice beach but no water.
  16. I am a Global, Vector and LC owner and recently purchased several of the NA NorthWest regions. I have a problem where land is now in places where there should be water. I have checked off the coast of Vancouver and Portland to find land but off the coast of San Francisco there is water so this issue appears to be only a PNW one and things appear to be working for Northern California region. Note that I have selected North America as active (hybrid off). I have also run and applied the Vector elevation correction program. Here is what I see. Vancouver Portland
  17. Maybe try rebuilding your fsx.cfg. I just did it (make sure you take screenies of your current settings and backup the old cfg). I also deleted and had FSX rebuild the shaders. I was actually trying to fix a sky rendering issue (and this did fix it) but I found when rebuilding the cfg I had a bunch of old entries I had added over the years that did not need to be there and my sim is puuurrring right now.
  18. Yes I know but that is not very realistic either.
  19. I found I had to turn off Secondary and Tertiary roads to get the performance I wanted, especially for those flying heavy addon jets into cities.
  20. I live in Canada and near lake Ontario. I have the option for water icing checked but the effect on Lake Ontario is not very good. You have a pattern of ice on the lake that abruptly stops half way across it. More realistic on a large body of water like lake Ontario (which by the way almost never freezes completely over) is to have ice moving out from the shoreline all the way around and open water in the center. Is this something that can be modified ?
  21. I am having trouble getting to the right balance of framerates and visuals using Vector (note that in Europe I have LC as well). Can anyone confirm that having Secondary roads and Tertiary roads on adds a significant impact to framerates. I have now just turned them off and have the full options checked for Highways and Primary roads, frames seem to not be impacted very much with options in these two categories checked or unchecked (which is good). Note that I am flying mainly jets and mainly into large cities and the issues are at payware airports and on departure/arrival. I also no
  22. Ok but I am not changing regions because I only have Global, Vector and Europe Landclass. So in this case should I move the entries to be just above Vector ?
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