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  1. Bonjour, Currently I have only snow on the EGHI area, as the winter season of the airport does not match the winter season of my surrounding textures (standard P3DV4). I have planned to buy own Orbx EU England, which will correct this problem. But now I see that True Earth GB South for P3Dv4, is out. Will this problem be fixed also with it. Cheers Claude
  2. Hello Nick, Thanks for your answer. I should have read the prerequisite. I understand why it is like that, but not all airport requires their own region (LOWI for example). So I will buy EU England, to have snow all around. Cheers Claude
  3. Bonjour, Does anybody knows how to have snow not only on the EGHI ORBX airport. Thank you very much Claude
  4. Hi Scott, Thank you for your answer. After active search in the forum I found this information from Nick. I think this is what I was looking for. You should integrate those informations in the doc, it certainly will help. Thanks Cheers Claude
  5. Bonjour, In the different user guides, (FTX NA, KAVX, KCGX...) the setting given to guarentee the highest fidelity experience are not all relevant for P3DV4. Where can I find the correct informations for P3DV4 ? Merci Cheers Claude
  6. Hello Nick, How to do that ? I suppose that just changing the extension in .inactive is enough. Am I right ? Merci Claude
  7. @Mike Sierra Bonjour Michael, Thank you very much for your help, but unfortunately your procedure did not work in my case. After reinstalling LC North America, everything is correct now. I hope it will stay like that. As I only have ORBX products, I do not understand why my textures was so corrupted. Cheers Claude
  8. Bonjour, I have strange texture which popup around KTOA airport. If I disable OPENLC_NAMERICA then everything is OK and I do not have this behavior? Is there anything I can do before reinstalling everything. I cannot find FTX Global openLC North America in the troubleshooter. FTX Central says that Noth America is installed and up to date. Cheers Claude
  9. Thanks Nick, it looks better now. I can tell you that this problem happened just after the vector installation 1.52 for P3DV4. I think something is wrong here because before that, my scenery.cfg file was OK. I only have P3DV4 and ORBx products, nothing else. Anyway thanks Cheers Claude
  10. Bonjour, I have just installed vector 1.52 in P3DV4. Is it normal to have the vectors entries at the top of the scenery.cfg file just above ORBXLIBS and also to have no ORBX!VECTOR_AEC entry at the end like in V3. Merci Cheers Claude
  11. Bonjour, Still using FTX Central 2... After the installation of the last ORBX libraries 170301 (1st march 2017) FTX Central 2 is OK and tell me this library is the current one, but it also ask me to update to the 160906 version.... An old one. Strange ! So what to do know update or not update that is the question. Merci Claude Troncy
  12. @Nick Cooper Hello, Will it be possible in the future to do a manual download for only the upgrade needed, and after that apply this upgrade through FTXCentral. Ben told me it was not possible at this time... just want to know if it is planned. Merci Claude
  13. Bonjour, As this thread is talking about 2 different causes (file already exist and wrong string format) for the unhandled exception, it is not clear to me what Matt's correction is for ? Will the 2 problems be corrected with the new version ? Cheers Claude
  14. @hanss Hello, In fact you can download AFM2 from the pilot's site once you have register FSGU NG. It is in beta version, the only pb is that you have to enter your credential each time you run the program. Stefan told me it will be corrected in a future version. Cheers Claude
  15. @hanss Bonjour, Just run AFM2 for PACV. It works for me. AFM2 is the new "aerodrome flattening mesh" for FSGU NG. ( @Nick CooperFSGU NG is for "FS Global ultimate new generation" the new mesh from Pilot's) Cheers Claude
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