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  1. Thank you Larry. I have been out of touch due to a health issue and am just now revisiting this project. I have downloaded your new files but I am continuing to play around with this airport (CYQY) on ADE even though I am really a neophyte with that program. I am not sure when the ORBX contributor did the airport for ORBX but there are several other changes that have occurred in addition to the changes in Rnwy designation. The ILS for Rnwy 18 is inoperative and has been replaced with an RNAV approach. There several other approaches that have been have changed or are completely new. Since my home airport is Halifax (CYHZ), I fly on line to Sydney frequently and with outdated approaches it is difficult to respond to ATC accurately. If the original ORBX CYQY Contributor is known to you, I would be pleased to liaise with him/her on updating this airport. You can give the contributor my email address for direct contact (mike166@eastlink.ca) Thanks again. Mike
  2. Please disregard the LAST PARAGRAPH of the post #11. That information is not correct Sorry Mike Chute
  3. Larry and Nick: Oops! I replaced the original ORBX files in both FSX and P3Dv3 with your files Larry exactly as you instructed. However, while the runway numbers change to the current new designations, the Taxi Runway signs remained 25/7 and 1/19. MORE IMPORTANTLY, in both Flight Sims, if I open the GPS window (shft + 3) and then click on the proc (Procedures) as if I was going to select a landing option, BOTH Flight Sims close down. So I am not sure what the problem is but in the meantime I have deleted your files from the ORBX scenery and gone back to the default airport with the "old" desinations
  4. Thank you so much Larry. I wasn't expecting you to do this for me! You're busy enough as is. I did learn something! I amended the original .....FTXG_CYQY.BGL however I did not do what Nick outlined. So when I opened FSX and I could see the corrected Runway numbers and markers, as soon as I opened the GPS, FSX shut down. I did NOT save my new file with the same name as to old file. Mike
  5. The most recent FREE ORBX files for this airport in FSX are: ADE_FTX_FTXG_CYQY.BGL ADE_FTX_FTXG_CYQY_CVX.BGL ADE_FTX_FTXG_CYQY_GP.BGL ADE_FTX_FTXG_CYQY_OBJ.BGL The two runway designations have been changed from 7/25 to 6/24 and 1/19 to 18/36 If I go into ADE and open ADE_FTX_FTXG_CYQY.BGL and change the runway designations and markers, can I replace the original file with my new saved file? If so, what affect will my amendments have on the other 3 ORBX files, if any? Thank you.
  6. Thank you JEFF! I really appreciate your effort. !!!! I have been flying into these fields with my RealAir B60 Duke and really enjoying learning where all these fields are located. Currently in Texas at T82 (Fredericksburg) and moving west. Thank you very much, Regards, Mike
  7. The latest release of free airports includes these 5 which I cannot locate. Are these typo errors? KBTH, BHHH, KRZZ, KXHD, WS2 Please advise Thank you Mike.
  8. Sorry. I have added my order number to my signature (Order337722 for Global Base and FSS0358499 for Global Vector) Is there anything else required? Thanks Mike 337722, FSS0358499
  9. I need some help and advice before downloading the "free" airports. I have FS Global 2010X, FS Global Ultimate "The Americas" mesh as suggested by you. It comes with an AFM (Aerodrome Flattening Meshes) CD where you "flatten" the airport mesh BEFORE running FSX.. I HAVE NOT FLATTENED all the world airports but usually just ones I plan to fly to that are "new" to me I also have FTX Global Base and FTX Global VECTOR. The FTX Global VECTOR program has a desktop configuration program that includes an Airport Elevation Correction mode. I continually have issues with elevations for newly visited airports I may fly into, which by enlarge to date are FSX Default airports (recent example CYEG). Some appear to be on plateaus while others sometimes are in valleys surrounded by cliffs. I don't know whether I should be running the Mesh CD and I really don't understand the VECTOR configuration tool. I don't want to download and install the ORBX free airports only to be frustrated with the appearance of the scenery Would someone try to explain to me what is the difference and how I should use the Mesh Flattening CD and/or the VECTOR Elevation Correction before I go ahead and down load the free airports. Thanks for trying to help. Mike
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