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  1. I agree to a point. The release version should reflect actual scenery in 2019. There really isn't any excuse for releasing buildings/POIs that no longer exist.
  2. The giant Mickey hat at MGM/Hollywood studios was removed in early 2015.
  3. Synthetic benchmarks, yes. However, you will not see a lick of typical real world use difference between NVMe and SATA SSDs (especially in flight sims).
  4. That is a fitting tribute. See you on the flip side, Mr. Hill.
  5. I remember some threads from last summer/fall indicating that Vector 1.60 was going to be released "soon". Is this upcoming version revision still planned?
  6. Man o man....I probably would have teared up seeing that. So many great memories of a better time in this country.
  7. Ditto. I went on a flight simming hiatus in 2004. Ten years later in 2014 I came across Orbx. Their products, along with P3D2, pulled me back into simming.
  8. Illegitimate chargebacks? Paypal does frequently side with the Buyer.
  9. In relation to this, might I suggest establishing a "Customer Advisory Committee"? It could be made up of 8-10 of us (need to keep the number small to be manageable) and Orbx could run major changes past the committee first to gauge reaction. Once the dust settles with the committee, then you make a General Announcement to the forum audience.
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