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  1. In the True Earth packages there are Cityscapes and landmarks In the True Earth packages there are cityscapes for multiple cities and lots of landmarks around a country. Why not start with what they have and compile that into MSFS scenery ? If they can make agreements with the original developers......
  2. I prefer landmarks for the major cities for a complete country in one pack instead of having to buy 5-20 City Packs for each country....
  3. Exactly. If I switch completely to MSFS from P3Dv5 I want at least a lot of landmarks like I have now. City Scapes is nice but TE landmarks is the way to go for me
  4. It’s about the Landmarks and custom objects...
  5. Hello team, Any plans on releasing the True Earth series for MSFS ? Or even Landmark Country packs ? MSFS needs a lot of landmarks. In my case I am interested in TE GB and TE NL as I own then for P3D and they look very realistic. Best regards, Gerard
  6. Here I use HD Trees + Terra Flora in V5.1 HF1 and they all look normal and not black..
  7. That did the trick ! Immediately the issues are solved. Why v5.1 HF1 did not read the Orbx lclookup.bgl and instead used the default one I do not know. Till there is a solution for this is a good workaround. Thanks Nick regards, Gerard
  8. That I did as I wrote .. A had Central make a new terrain.cfg file. I cannot do the same with the lclookup.bgl file as my Orbx libraries are installed outside P3D. My lclookup.bgl file is in custom.gb_base / landclass / scenery Date : 3-3-2020 Any other advice ?
  9. Hello team, Yesterday I did a clean install of V5.1 HF1. Only checked Salzburg and Germany South area. Tile and polygon issues : https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ookcuhoxs8qady/Foto 22-11-2020 11 34 46.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ietu4xp7gsv0zz/Foto 22-11-2020 13 23 46.jpg?dl=0 Salzburg airport ( floating objects ). This might be a Mesh addon issue ( FsGlobal Ultimate FTX 2018 ). https://www.dropbox.com/s/1neb47blsyxwasf/Foto 22-11-2020 13 25 12.jpg?dl=0 Latest version of Central. Very files done for everything that I
  10. Hello team, See the attached screenshots. This is also how it looks in P3Dv4. True Earth Netherlands has also trees that are too bright trees. Lighting 0.9 / 0.7 /0.95. If I disable the HD Trees the defaults trees are darker and blend better with the environment. The trees at the airport are coming with the airport and , as you can see, match better with the environment than the HD trees in the distance.. Please advise.
  11. After doing a lot of testing I solved the issue : I have Skiathos working now..And it wasn’t Orbx causing it but the order in the Addons.cfg file.I took all Addons out of the Docs/P3Dv5 folder and only left Skiathos + Libraries and FSUIPC in there.Immediately all AG appeared.I then put back all other Addons back incl FranceVFR and also then Skiathos had AG.Only FranceVFR has extra Autogen folders.To be sure again I took all Addons out of the Docs\P3Dv5 folder but this time I left all FranceVFR Addons.I reloaded and shut down P3Dv5.Then I added Skiathos and guess what .. no AG.After
  12. Hello team, In P3Dv4 I have Skiathos showing AG by using the XML way. All my Orbx scenery were installed the cfg way and in the main root. With P3Dv5 I choose to redownload all my Orbx addons with Central 4.1.16 and place them in a Library outside P3Dv5. I can see that the default Autogen folder in the P3Dv5 root remained untouched. However, after installing 29Palms Skiathos the XML way , exactly like in P3Dv4 there is no AG showing up. I tried using Central to make an insertion point for all Orbx scnery below Skiathos and its Libraries but no difference.
  13. Nick, One thing I have noticed is that the order in the Library is pretty messed up. I know how to make a correct order but I see some entries that are new to me : - Germany : Elevation Stub / Global - OpenLC : Europe Scenery 0701 / 0602 / 0601 / Elevation Stub - HD Trees : never had this entry . It was placed at the top of the Library... - England : Elevation Stub / England Scenery Global - TE NL : Elevation Stub - Dubrovnik : Elevation Stub - Global Base Scenery - Libraries Lookup - Libraries Global See the sc
  14. In the meantime I have downloaded everything and it has been installed the xml way..
  15. Hello team, Just to be sure : I have read that I can copy/move products from v4 to v5 and Central will recognize them. If I want to copy all products from P3Dv4 \ Orbx who are installed to cfg way ,to My name \ Orbx Library \ P3Dv5 can I do that and also use the xml way ? I also have Addon Organizer who is compatible with v5. Thanks, Gerard
  16. So is the temporary workaround to use the FTX England mesh instead of the TE GB South b2 mesh ? Does all of TE GB South V2 then work correctly or only this area ? Thanks, Gerard
  17. Do you have a TE GB libraries entry ? In there are all well known objects. I did not have it and made one manually after Nick pointed me to it.
  18. Hi Carlos, Glad to read that you have worked it out. Surely this will be heavier on your system, but you will find your performance/detail balance regards, Gerard
  19. What are your settings ? To see everything you need to set Scenery Complexity + Autogen both to Extremely Dense ...
  20. Here I see the same with Dense. If you set it to Very Dense the Houses of Parlement will show up and several other buildings. The space you mentioned on the other site of the Thames is indeed with little objects/AG but imho that is done because the Big Ben, Houses of Parlement, London Eye area is the most heavy part of the whole TE GB series. See my screenshot were all my 8 Fs cores are maxing out when being in this area. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cxym2l1a4zuudrt/Foto 29-12-2019 12 28 25.jpg?dl=0 Regards, Gerard
  21. Beside TE GB C+N I also purchased FTX England too. That I will use in autumn and winter when flying to the north of the UK so I will see a seasonal ground scenery.
  22. Airports have seasons and TE GB not. TE GB used photo real scenery which overrides LC based scenery . Photo real scenery is how it looks in reality ...
  23. Bear in mind that I have a 2 monitor NVSurround setup. When flying over London and approaching the area Big Ben / Parlement / London Eye the terrain cores are all maxed out to 100%. ( AS EGLL in the far distance ) LOD : medium SC : very dense ( dense= loosing most inner city buildings ) AG : dense Shadows : low / medium Weather : 90 mls / fear weather 25 hertz / Unlimited .. 7940x ( 8 cores assigned to P3Dv4 ) / 18.25 mb cache https://www.dropbox.com/s/cxym2l1a4zuudrt/Foto 29-12-2019 12 28 25.jpg?dl=0 The 2080Ti is h
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