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  1. I remember that at some point the next openLC was Asia. Is this still correct?
  2. Surprisingly detailed Cannot wait to explore these vast areas.
  3. I agree that Misha has done a fantastic job with this airport and I hope he is working on a new one
  4. Picture #7 is simply stunning in detail Is that goals on the soccer stadiums? Who does that? Well, Maurizio apparently
  5. I have been 'campaigning' for this feature for years, but it is usually discarded with reference to the consequence of poorer performance in FSX. As a minimum it should be a must for bush planes and similar.
  6. The only FSX aircraft that I have been able to get rain on windshield by copying the FS9 rain textures is the Flight1 ATR 72-500. If you like helicopters Nemeth Design AS350 for FSX has this feature.
  7. I agree, there are many many more airstrips like these all over PNG
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