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  1. Hi Stu, CHECK and have the files...! THANKS! Best Regards, Harry
  2. Hi Nick and Kiwi, I looked in the folder FSX/ORBX/FTX_OLC and only see subfolders :OLC_AA, OLC_EU1, OLC_EU3 and OLC_NA1. Where can i get the other EU files? Best Regards, Harry
  3. Hi, I am new here on this forum. I have installed FTX Global on my PC and then openLC Europe, but I my opinion there a some files missing..... 1. There is no EU icon in the FTX Central. 2. In the FTX Scenery Library Insertion Points there is only EU1 and 3..... Would you please be so kind to assist me? Thanks in advance. Best Regards, Harry Orders: FSS0305332/FSS0305261
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