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  1. Just going where the breeze takes me ....

    And vice versa! The last time I encountered a hot air balloon in real life, it started that I, lazily sitting on our terrace, heard 'voices in my head', which turned out to come from overhead. Starting up into the garden, we saw a huge balloon just passing over out house, leaving only a few meters between the bucket and our chimney top. But when they pass over at a height of some hundred meters you may only hear the occasional hiss of the gas burner... Michael.
  2. Just going where the breeze takes me ....

    OMG! The last time I have used a hot air balloon was in MSFS98...! Michael.
  3. Breaking my Neckar!

    Phantastic! Michael
  4. Why you should keep your eyes on the road

    Whoa! Is that part of a mission scenario? Michael
  5. Milford Sound Manual Download

    Its the same problem with Catalina airport Michael
  6. Autogen Draw Distance

    For P3Dv4 I can link you to the discussion in the original LM forum dealing with this problem: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=125808 Michael.
  7. Autogen Draw Distance

    Which sim? Michael.
  8. OOps, I indeed did overlook that. Please remove my posting(s). Thanks Michael.
  9. FTX Central 2- Great job

    I fully agree to that - but only one question: Why isn't Iceland Demo listed ANYwhere in FTXC2? - Or am I too shortsighted to find it? Michael.
  10. New Fullterrain website launching

    New look - looks astonishingly modern - and good! Only ONE thing I can no longer find (maybe I'm blinded by the new look?): Which products are made for which simulator (FsX, P3D, P3Dv2)? Michael.
  11. World tour ideas?

    I had started a comparable project still using FsX and FsEarth, primarily trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean without running out of fuel. From this derived the plan to round the world. But without severe planning. I fly VFR following roads, rivers, the Grand Canyon and so on, landing for refuelling when necessary (Which became rather tricky along the Aleutan Islands. I learned that in North Corea there are NO airfields in FsX, until I reached Hawaii via pacific island hopping, hoping to manage to reach Easter Island with manual refuelling on the sparse coral rocks planned as stops. Then came P3Dv2 and I changed to P3Dv2 - and started over my tour. As soon as I find out, how, I'll attach a KMZ file for illustration of my tour. Michael.
  12. google earth kmz and navigation

    You could also use FsEarthLink (find it under http://www.wideview.it/fsearth/) - install it using the Migration Tool, virtual FsX enabled, disable after installation. Use it with a single monitor as well as (which is more practical) on a second monitor - or on a second computer linked via network. It creates a linkage between P3D and Google Earth, showing YOUR actual position plus AI traffic inflight. Adding the KMZ file in GE you see your position in relation to the destination airfield and can "navigate" towards it. I have been using this tool for my 'planless' VFR flights since the days of Fs2004, and it also works flawlessly with P3D v2. Michael.
  13. World tour ideas?

    Holy socks! How long have you been flying for THIS route? Michael.