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  1. Hello Nico, Did you install P3Dv5 via Installer? And: Which version of OrbXcentral do you use? Michael
  2. Wowowowow !!!!! I wonder whether that really is TE NL - never had it load so fast (abbout 3-4 minutes) and displayed SO smooth! I've got 20-30 fps - the same as with standard scenery! Micko - THANK YOU for your tip . I'm discovering a new universe of P3D - due to your help! Michael P.S.: I wonder, which functions of Acronis are now ommitted... P.P.S: although now, over Amsterdam, P3D itself creates "run out of graphic memory" - crashes. I hope THAT is only caused by the "version X.0-effect" ...
  3. Yep. True Image 2020 with all its collateral apps... ? Michael
  4. I've got two 1080's in SLI mode (I know, v5 doesn't yet support SLI), with 8GB each. Strange enough, deactivating TE NL, but leaving TE GB (north, central and south) active, works. @ReinFlight I've already left P3D for a whole afternoon (> 6 hours!) and it didn't get beyond 5%... Michael
  5. Hi, My installation of P3D - no other addons yet but Orbx Global, US,EU,AU,NZ plus openLCs - works wonderful and - for the first time in my personal flightsim history (which started with FS3.0 somewhen in the '80s) - without stuttering. But... As soon as I add TE Netherlands to the scenery library (installation via Orbx Central v4.1.6), the scenery loading of P3D hangs at 5% - for hours, never yet to have come beyond it. Removing TE NL - via OC4 - makes it run again seamlessly. Some people here post screenshots from TE sceneries with P3Dv5 - so it should work. What's the trick? Michael
  6. Hi, Doug, I respect the decision of Orbx not to adapt Vector to P3Dv5. But I, too, am missing the traffic on the lower ranked highways. To use Robpol's workaround may solve the issue - with the 'bad taste' of being only a workaround, not approved by Orbx. May I introduce the idea to take - at least - the minor road traffic, the tunnel portals and such 'stuff' and form a new global scenery? For which I'd be willing to pay for. So this could be a win-win situation for all VFR flyers and for Orbx. Thanks for reading, Michael.
  7. HI Iban, When did you originally download your trees HD? - but I just see it's still a v1.0.0, so there should be no outdated download. Maybe - and that's what I encountered several times, too - your file is corrupt, giving a wrong checksum. In this case OC4 retrieves the 'correct' data from online... Michael Austria, Europe
  8. That happens, when there is a newer version of your scenery available online. But even then PC4 will create an automated backup file, where from you may re-install in future. Provided thata you marked the tickbox under "Settings" - "Downloader", have defined a backup path and prepared enough diskspace for the backups. Michael Austria, Europe
  9. Addendum to my former post (after a couple of hours of sleep thinking works better...): Nevertheless I had the impression that OC4 uses the internal backup for re-installation of the mentioned scenery. I'll give it a try when re-installing my North American scenery collection. Michael Austria, Europe.
  10. Hi Nick, Despite the late hour I'm vigilant enough to see that your explanation starts to become difficult (for me) already within the first passage, as MY OrbxCentral (v4.0.39) has no "advanced install" feature. This is all I see: (I had this scenery installed already, but removed it via "uninstall". Being a freeware scenery there's no possibility of manual downloading, so OC4 made an automatic backup, provided in the specified path \yred. But now: no way to use this backup. Michael Austria, Europe
  11. Hi Nick, Obviously it's the old RTFM - topic. ;o) Thanks for pushing me onto that. This (read page 20ff!) indeed makes manual downloads obsolete. Michael, Austria, Europe
  12. Hi Nick, Thanks for pointing out that feature - I remember that OrbxCentral v3 and earlier offered the option to 'install from backup'. v4.x now still has the settings for Backups and the option to activate the automatic backup to a specified path, but.... ... I can't find the option to INSTALL FROM BACKUP.... That has either gone down the drain - or I'm struck with partial blindness - any help welcomed! ;o) Michael Austria, Europe
  13. Orbx Central already makes 'backup copies' of those scenery packs installed directly (without manual download). But what shall I do with 150 (!) zip-files (for Australia v2.1), all called something like "002de199-e3fa-4aec-8513-bacxa2120639.c.zip"? If that is a backup - how to use it? Which file to choose for re-installing? If I knew an answer to these questions, it would be all right for me OrbX obliterating the manual download channel.... Michael, Austria, Europe
  14. Being also a member of the so-called 2%, I'm, too, greatly disappointed to have to resign from manual downloads. I name it 'so-called 2%', as I believe that all those using manual downloads and store the files at a private medium (I, e.g., do in double backup on external 6-TB-harddisks) will NOT USE the manual download AGAIN, unless there is a problem with their files, while the so-called 'other 98%' will have to re-download EVERY TIME they change something with their installation. This behaviour - and I'm sure about this! - distortes the relations between manual-downloaders and online-installers. Thanks to a change to a glass-fibre-provider some days ago I'm now able to d/l (e.g.) 8GB within 12 minutes, but please bear in mind, that especially in rural regions of central Europe - and surely not only there! - download speeds about 8 KILO-bits per second (!) are still the standard. And then 8 GB last for up to several hours.... And even with (theoretical) 200Mbit (actually not more than 100Mbit at max at the moment) I can write this whole statement, while Orbx Central manages the installation of Australia v2.1.0 - if I had it pre-downloaded, I'd still be faster... Nevertheless: Please keep up Orbx - despite all odds about MSFS2020 - this kind of scenery is simply quality style! Michael, Austria, Europe.
  15. This is the initiative "for a greener traffic", recently founded by HRH Prince Charles in his function of being chairman of the "Greenhouse Common Club of Windsor". The main target of this initiative is to make traffic a little more comfortable, offering lazily designed spots with lines of trees painstakingly planted onto motorways, so drivers can stop beyond the trees, relax and have a picnic with their family or .... ehm... Sorry. It's still some days until fools' day...
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