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  1. Hi Nick So the problem is resolved - it wasn't Washington SD (which I definitely don't have installed), but was down to something that I'd done that clearly confused Orbx Central's little brain... The scenery is laid out in the Orbx Library location like this: TrueEarth US Washington HD +- version_us-washington-xp11.txt `- Custom Scenery +- Orbx_A_US_Washington_TE_Airports +- Orbx_A_US_Washington_TE_Custom +- Orbx_B_US_Washington_TE_Overlay `- Orbx_C_US_Washington_TE_Orthos and each of the Orbx_A/B/C folders is then symlinked back to the X-Plane Custom Scenery directory I'd created a symlink from the `version_us-washington-xp11.txt` file to create a `version.txt` file in each of the Orbx_A/B/C folders. Why did I do such a crazy thing? Well, I have xOrganizer, and it will read those version.txt files to display the version numbers for scenery & plugins (but wouldn't see the top level `version_us-washington-xp11.txt` file, as that doesn't appear in the X-Plane directory tree) - so that seemed a simple way of getting the correct version numbers to show up for that program However, clearly Orbx Central is also reading them (though maybe not properly, as they definitely didn't refer to Washington SD) and getting itself confused Removing the symlinked version.txt files let Orbx Central update Washington HD successfully (and the log then no longer has any mention of either Washington SD or HD under E:\Steam\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11) Interestingly, I updated all the TrueEarth GB products a few days ago (which I'd done the same thing to) - but there was a new version of Central released since then (it updated right before trying to do Washington HD), so maybe the new version is less tolerant of me messing things up for it... Obviously this isn't Orbx's problem to solve - but logging more useful information about exactly what it found was incompatible would have been helpful Thanks for the assistance
  2. I already noted this was using X-Plane 11.41, so it shouldn't be down to that. I do have the 11.50 beta installed too - but as I've got the Steam version, I just rename the root X-Plane folder to switch between them (and Orbx Central produces the same complaint with either version active) I don't really see why Central should care what minor version of X-Plane is installed - the files it needs to update are in a library (precisely so I don't need to duplicate them between different X-Plane installs), I'm not aware of any changes to the scenery_packs.ini file format for the new beta (which is the only X-Plane file that ever ought to be getting touched) and it doesn't even seem to get as far as starting to download anything before giving up
  3. Hi Jon I don't think I've had Washington SD installed previously - and that central log is a bit confusing, as it looks like it is flagging up all the symlinks from my custom scenery directory to the Orbx library where the files actually are as potential products (you can see it lists both Oregon SD & HD too). But none of those products are installed directly in the custom scenery directory: I've only got the HD versions of both Oregon & Washington installed: and the Washington HD directory looks to be the correct size for that product:
  4. I'm getting the same error from Orbx Central (NOT X-Plane), and it doesn't look like it has anything to do with the version of X-Plane in use - I've got Washington HD installed in an Orbx Library location, and it is currently pointed at an 11.41 X-Plane install anyway: The error message is particularly unhelpful: Some clue of exactly what it thinks is incompatible would be useful (it might as well just say "Something went wrong") - there aren't any incompatible products listed on the product page, and I'm not about to start randomly uninstalling stuff in the hope it works... My Orbx Central log is attached (but it also contains no useful clues that I can see as to what Central thinks is wrong) There is 215GB free space on the disk where Central downloads to, and 344GB free on disk where the destination library is (and I assume this update isn't going to be any larger than the entire original version anyway?) central.log
  5. Hello Jon very kindly posted a link to download a fix for blank buildings near KSEA: However, following the link in that post just returns some XML telling me that the request expired a few days ago: <Error> <Code>AccessDenied</Code> <Message>Request has expired</Message> <X-Amz-Expires>604800</X-Amz-Expires> <Expires>2020-04-14T09:16:54Z</Expires> <ServerTime>2020-04-18T09:41:33Z</ServerTime> <RequestId>6D487F2B3BCBE687</RequestId> <HostId> i/6V9CVCmuic1cfRRid4K9t/8JLHtUSqRVGwv7wIxzzf3feNbBO50l24ty6QssyHjK4V4e11whw= </HostId> </Error> Any chance we can get it re-posted somewhere more permanent please?
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