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  1. Sorry @Trevor Hannant for delaying it even further! Another one for the list! This scenery seems to suffer from the lack of dynamic lights, when you arrive from a different airfield. I believe this is a well known issue, with ways around it. I assume a controller file for the dynamic lights needs to be included. Thanks, Luke
  2. Glad to see this is finally being looked at! Further issues I have noticed: The ATC Tower always appears with red lights, the Tower is only red during remembrance fortnight (05/11 - 15/11), goes green for St Patrick's Day, otherwise it remains Purple. https://www.edinburghairport.com/about-us/community-and-environment/edinburgh-airport-tower (It would be nice to see it at least purple, or for extra pizazz, use SODE to display the different colours on certain dates!) Double Jetway missing at Stand 16 Regards, Luke
  3. @Nick Cooper Given the amount and varied nature of the issues with this scenery, are we heading towards a situation where we can be eligible for a refund? So far, we've had highlighted AFCAD issues, texturing, missing or incorrectly placed objects, even an ILS that doesn't work. It doesn't fill me with much hope, given that East Midlands seems to have befallen the same fate.
  4. @elliotgr2010@mburkhard@Trevor Hannant Attached my GSX file with working Safedocks. Caveats: - I've added the 3 main handlers at EDI, awaiting Umberto's reply on his forum, as I can't add the other two as custom ones see http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php?topic=22376.0 - Unrealistic marshallers at stands 31-34 as there aren't any stop lines at the moment. - Given that I've overridden the ATC parking codes in GSX, not sure if this plays well with traffic add ons such as UTL etc. (I only ever fly on VATSIM) -Stands 5, 19, 200 - 202, 31, 32 and 99 are max wingspan 30m, so max dash 8 or Embraer 190 ish. Hopefully you know to stick the file into %AppData%\Roaming\Virtuali\GSX Cheers, Luke egph-0sdeiw.ini
  5. I actually managed to work this one out myself, it was indeed UK2000 conflicting. You need to remove the following file from existence: %ProgramData%\12bPilot\SODE\xml there should be a file called "UK2000 Edinburgh Xtreme.xml" That worked for me!
  6. Exactly, furthermore, the apron lights are now mixed between LED and old sodium lamps. E cul de sac and 15-18 is all LED now. F (stands 6 - 14) are still sodium as are stands 19-34 and cargo aprons. New Turnhouse apron is all LED (obviously not modelled) @mburkhard I have also made a GSX file with realistic handlers, safedocks and pushbacks, I can make it available once I am back home and have finished it I hope we can have the option to remove the dummy safedocks as well!
  7. Another issue whilst shooting the ILS 06 today. Confirmed by another few pilots on VATSIM using the new scenery. the ILS for 06 doesn’t appear correctly, the localiser seems reversed, giving the opposite to what is expected, alongside no glide path indication
  8. Final post for today to highlight another issue: Stand 4/4A - https://prnt.sc/posndj Stand 2/2A - https://prnt.sc/posnnf Stand 1 - https://prnt.sc/poso3h In the last picture, not actually sure where that second safedock is coming from, having uninstalled UK2000 Edinburgh.
  9. Also, further to my previous post, I am disappointed that the Safedocks aren't functional. I understand it wan't advertised, but given previous products from Orbx, it was somewhat expected.
  10. Hi John, Raz and team. Having purchased Edinburgh this morning, just a few small issues that in my opinion need correcting. As someone who is familiar with the airport, I'd break it down into two categories: Things that need fixing: Modelling of the main terminal building is great, but the newer extension around stands 15, 16, 17 etc. requires some work. The texture is the wrong coulour, and of lower definition than the rest. https://prnt.sc/pop5wp https://prnt.sc/popayj Taxiway stand arrows missing from stands 1B, 10A, 12. (the arrows that tell you to turn off the taxiway) https://prnt.sc/pop6ue VDGS at stands 1A/1B don't have a VDGS support structure. https://prnt.sc/pop74t Stand head numbers appear on a grey background, this should be black for all stands. https://prnt.sc/popayj Stands 102 - 106 and stands 25 - 30 don't have VDGS, whilst they do IRL and accompanying stop line on stand 100 is missing. Water lifting screw just east of stand 12 is missing. Comprising of two massive archemedies screws to lift water from the Gogar Burn, it's unmissable when you're at the airport. https://prnt.sc/popa3a Oversteer lines (orange) missing at Stand 15B https://prnt.sc/pop7ml Signs at L2 and M1 are missing within the concrete loop are missing https://prnt.sc/pop7xj and a random sign abeam stand 15B is there https://prnt.sc/pop8br Also many other taxiway sign issues with two at the same spot, directions etc see https://prnt.sc/pop90m and https://prnt.sc/pop945 The texture for the cargo apron (stands 200 - 209) where the concrete texture is; the apron is actually brickweave. Niceities: The fuel farm tanks require to be more white than what is depicted. Security post huts aren't modelled. Big EDINBURGH sign in the plaza is missing https://prnt.sc/pop7bo It would be nice to have the Gogar Burn (small river that runs through the airport) depicted in 3D, rather than its' flat rendition as present. Overall a good improvement on previous offerings, however, I think with a bit of finesse and attention to detail, this could be a great addition. As always, happy to offer some help with sourcing of photos.
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