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  1. Correct, version 1.3 works with the latest version of the sim. It's currently uploading to Dropbox and I'll pass it onto Orbx as a matter of priority.
  2. Ebo, you star! Let me know your e-mail address and I'll hook you up with a copy! I lost your contact details, so didn't get a chance to touch base on your awesome CTFC and ZU-OPS paints you did, but they fit in oh so well. Let me know if you have any more you want to add lol.
  3. Smiler, drop me some pictures and I'll see what I can do. Side on would be great to get the decals repainted correctly.
  4. Jabiru J160/J170 Version 1.1 now available Good afternoon all, version 1.1 of the Jabiru product is now available to download via Orbx Central! The list of changes are below; All aircraft - Refined stall warning horn to trigger at 16 degrees AoA. - Moment of interia values adjusted on roll and pitch. - Improved autopilot lateral capture. - Refined prop wash values. - Prohibited doors opening when airborne. - Refined roll effectiveness. - Reduced AI traffic values to reduce overpopulation. - Added missing flap motor audio. - Adjusted thumbnail brightness for clari
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