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  1. Thanks Tim Harris! Thanks for your answer ryanbatc. It was a question I never had a real answer for. (nav lights at daylight) I now use the strobe lights before starting the engine as you explained. I also changed it in the subtitles so other people see the correct procedure. Thank you!
  2. Thank you Mickey, ryanbatc and Voyager for the nice comments. Thank you ryanbatc for the remarks. That’s helpful. It was my second flight. Afterwards I thought I had better used the strobe lights to draw attention to starting the engine. That's why I added a comment. Thanks for explaining the correct procedure. It wasn't in the startup procedure what to use in place of the beacon. Is it wrong to put the navigation lights on outside 'sunset to sunrise'? Example with bad weather. The Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) says: 'Prior to commencing taxi, it is recommended to turn on navigation, position, anti­collision and logo lights (if equipped)'. Once an instructor said: engine on = navigation lights on. Yes, I was a bit late with my flaps. Next time I will do it quicker. I also used the levers once in the wrong optimal order: Reduce Power MP, decrease RPM, then adjust the mixture
  3. A quick flight around Meigs Field with the Lancair Legacy v2. The first time I departed and landed in the less safe condition with tailwind. Still an interesting experience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLDhOjuhRIE
  4. Back from vacation ) Thanks. Also thanks for the tip. I tried it yesterday evening and it works. No black parts in the landscape anymore. I flew the same flight and had 15-23 fps. At almost 40000 ft with 2.2 Mach, 23 fps. On the ground in Bonn 25 fps. So on my computer it runs very good.
  5. Yes, Plan-G is indeed an impressive tool. You can even connect it to the simulator and see where you are. It can also alert when you are near a waypoint.
  6. Thanks Dominique for the comment and a possible solution for the black squares. I will check it out. - At 18 minutes in the video you can see the shadows on the left panel. The buttons also cast a shadow. At 16:15 you can see shadows from the frame and buttons on the main instruments in close-up. If you move the video faster at 26 minutes, you can see the frame shadows move on the front panel. I suppose it is ok. I'll see if I can make a screenshot. - Wind at takeoff was 8 kts 319°. Higher in the sky. It could be an effect from Active Sky Next. At flights with less or no wind I didn't have this. I didn't have fps problems until now. In Bonn on the ground I'm at 25.5 fps. Recording also adds some stress to the computers. I would need to fly it again to see the fps on the whole flight. (I'm on vacation and will be at home on 27 September to check this out. No flying for 2 weeks for me ) - Supersonic under 10000 ft is unstable as the flight manual states. This is correct. (p 191 ) Above, it's fine. I didn't go to 2.4 Mach yet. They are still updating it and the TacPack addon will come too. Gunther
  7. A flight from EDDK Bonn to EBBR Brussels with Global BASE, VECTOR & FTX trees HD It's a tutorial/summary video with a full flight and references to the flight manual. With Base & Vector, you'd swear it is a photoreal scenery ) Even the airports look great. I have a question: How does it come that in some parts of the landscape I have black parts. Even after a reinstallation (Prepar3D 2.5). It's not too bad. But if I could remove it I would do it. Installation order: FTX Global Base FTX Global Vector FTX Global OpenLC Europe FTX Full Regions and Airports Orbx libs It can be seen at 24:26, 29:46, 31:11, 34:02 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUhcsQ9-qGg
  8. (Original image from simulator) FTX Global openLC Europe - EDDK Koln/Bonn Airport
  9. Thanks for the comments! Mickey, for the first time I had an out of memory error when flying this airplane. (Never seen before). Flying with a clear sky solved the problem in that scenery. It probably uses more memory than most other airplanes. Still a great simulation. The PC-9 is also one of my favorite too. But I like to fly with an FMS & HUD from time to time )
  10. The video is more about the IRIS Beechcraft T-6 Texan II, but you clearly see the quality of the ORBX scenery. It's a tutorial/summary I made for this airplane this weekend. Flying around ORBX - AYPY Jacksons International Airport https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrSZokYOXaQ
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