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  1. I don't use GSX, so I can't help with that, sorry Dustoff! - JP
  2. In my ORBX Iceland demo installation, the AFCAD for BIEG is "[FS]\ORBX\FTX_OLC\OLC_EU8\Scenery\01_APTBIEG.BGL". I think the "AECBIEG.BGL" (the one show in the latest screenshot) is just an elevation correction file.
  3. Nice flight! But still, nobody makes Riparian adventures quite like Hyacinth Bucket ("Boo-KAY!").
  4. I almost thought the final release had become stuck somewhere between "impending" and "indeterminate". Thank you very much hard working ORBX developers. - JP
  5. Wands were weaved! Around 74 MB download, the rest cross-copied from V3. All working fine as far as I can tell. Thank you ORBXers!
  6. Nick, apologies if this is a stupid question, but do you mean that if I keep FTX Central open, it will eventually appear, or does it involve some additional wand-weaving? - JP
  7. P3D installation did indeed work much better than I had feared. Thank you, hard working ORBX team.
  8. Thank you for the swift answer Nick, much appreciated, I'll just go ahead then. - JP
  9. Thanks Spud, I haven't installed 1.4 yet (but my download is finished, unzipped and ready!), I'm awaiting confirmation on whether I should uninstall 1.3 first. Wouldn't even know how to install without the installer. - JP
  10. I already have 1.3 installed in FSX-MS and P3D v2.5. I would be quite interested to know if it is recommended that I uninstall 1.3 before installing 1.4 in the abovementioned two sims plus P3D v3? - JP
  11. All people have agendas. Some are more tolerable than others, depending on who you are (and what your own agenda is ...).
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