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  1. Nice flight! But still, nobody makes Riparian adventures quite like Hyacinth Bucket ("Boo-KAY!").
  2. I almost thought the final release had become stuck somewhere between "impending" and "indeterminate". Thank you very much hard working ORBX developers. - JP
  3. Wands were weaved! Around 74 MB download, the rest cross-copied from V3. All working fine as far as I can tell. Thank you ORBXers!
  4. Nick, apologies if this is a stupid question, but do you mean that if I keep FTX Central open, it will eventually appear, or does it involve some additional wand-weaving? - JP
  5. P3D installation did indeed work much better than I had feared. Thank you, hard working ORBX team.
  6. All people have agendas. Some are more tolerable than others, depending on who you are (and what your own agenda is ...).
  7. Milton Shupe's FSX version of "Bounty" works excellent in P3D.
  8. Let the winds carry you. It's a new and different way to travel in the sim.
  9. You could have gone with "re-mi-do-do-so" instead (like the Solfa hand signs used in the movie), then you wouldn't have to worry about key ... (Your sequence is perfect though!).
  10. Thank you to both Lagaffe and the repainters Bede40, Greenhopper and Nastybeats. I still like the original orange paint job best though, it's raw.
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