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  1. i have posted to the thread at https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/205643-fsx-will-not-load-ybcg-after-ybcg-and-cityscene-gold-coast-installed/ i have same issue as MZee1960 and have used similar methods to resolve it without success. joe
  2. thank you MZ..... yes what you have described is my situation also "I think some sort of 'stumbling block' occurs when FSX is asked to load YBCG. I have uninstalled [...] YBCG" i do not have CityScene Gold Coast. there may be some 'incompatability' but since everything works for me without YBCG i will assume that YBCG is the problem. joe
  3. despite seeming that this is an issue with YBCG [the sim loads fine without it] i have started a new scenery.cfg and installed only Australia v2 + airports which i own and YBCG. the sim crashes with YBCG without YBCG and starting at Gold Coast [the Australia v2 version] the sim loads fine. how am i to fix this? thanks Your transaction ID / receipt number is 6039da6dcb60c.
  4. gday. have just installed YBCG for FSX steam. with YBCG NOT activated FSX loads [with Orbx aust 2] with YBCG activated i get a crash at the load scenery sequence. does anyone have some ideas about this? i'm also using Scenery Config Editor to organize my scenery. thanks.
  5. oh, another thing ... can we not load coloured areas we will not be flying in for a load time/memory/resources benefit? [thinking of computer performance and memory]
  6. i would think not also ... but anyway, i have removed Aust v2 and done a clean install and i am happy to report some great Scenery! getting oneself into these sticky corners it is hard to recall when it began - it is just suddenly there. anyway, i shall proceed today with nervous steps. thank you for your close support - as always. joe
  7. i have been through the procedure to no avail and then the uninstall/install thing also but the patches still persist. i have other Orbx as well, for example Cessnock, which by itself does not show the blue/watery patches - at this time i am done and have not tried the others - i will tomorrow. i guess the next thing is manually remove the Aust v2 files and do a reinstall. i use Scenery Config Editor to configure my scenery, though not for the order of files which Orbx Central makes, would that have any affect on Aust v2 ? joe
  8. sorry Nick, this procedure has not resolved the problem. renaming Scenery\BASE\Scenery\lclookup.bgl to lclookup.bgl .off prevented FSX from starting so i have turned it back on. joe
  9. gday. i have setttings from the Aust v2 manual, tried a few slider changes but nothing has made a difference to blue areas of ground texture. generally the view is good. i am using a modest laptop, windows 10. the areas usually resolve into ground texture as the view moves. can i choose settings which will remove these/ thanks joe edit: oh, i found this post which seems to be he same issue, which will read and follow
  10. thanks. the default ap has a few taxiway name differences to the current diagram. i am considering buying North CA and Livermore is of particular interest.
  11. hello. does Orbx Northern California have a current aerodrome layout for KLVK, Livermore ?? thanks
  12. hello. something very peculiar is going on in taxiway A at Bankstown nsw [Australia v2] moving east on taxiway A the signs to the right are A4 A5 A6 A5 A7 A8 there is another [short] taxiway A5 as well.
  13. hello. i want to move my Orbx files from my c drive to an external drive, into a library created in central. how do i do that? thanks joe
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