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  1. Thanks Ryan, I'll just have to keep flying VFR and avoid licensed airstrips then - grin. The BT RV7 is a great aircraft. Cheers, Baz.
  2. Hi Ryan, Is that the bay tower rv7? do you know if anybody ever recoded the transponder xml file so that would work in P3D? Cheers, Baz.
  3. same question not even a week ago http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/105221-holger-meshes/
  4. The Australian regions didn't include mesh at the time - hence holgers mesh. Developement of OZx and FTX aerodromes was done with holger mesh (in most cases) so you can sometimes find things a little bit out at some airstrips with a different mesh.
  5. SY-PH doesn't have a flexible route structure yet but the airlines can plan via any suitable route on the ERC highs and also as defined in ERSA. BN-PH has had a flexible route structure for a few years now, and a number of airlines participate in the international flexible route scheme organised by Airservices Australia. You might find the following link interesting - https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/ausots/ausotstoday.asp
  6. I'd suggest it has something to do with the mapping reference system used by FSX/P3D. Each LOD cell is probably being constrained by the latitude as you approach the pole. Do another check closer to the pole again and you may find it is even more elongated.
  7. Any higher definition would help increase the 'recognisability' of hills, ranges and mountains. The big question though would be 'is it just an interpolation of the existing public domain 76m data?' In which case it would make no difference.
  8. Hi Rob, Im pretty sure the Australian AIP now states that VFR are not permitted above F200 (irrespective of airspace class). There are a couple of caveats about IFR pickup etc...
  9. Dan is asking if a subforum can be created in the "Community Scenery Addons" forum - specifically to post topics that host actual scenery downloads. He is commenting that it is hard to find these downloads as they get lost amongst all the other posts commenting, questioning or requesting scenery.
  10. I have had the Baytower RV7 since beta and I do love it. I purchased Jared's RV4 because I am a bit of an RV nut (first started with the FFS RV7 in FS9) the BTS RV wasn't fully compatible (GNS327) with P3D which is where I am flying now. I am not sure how much more support Danny will be putting into his RV, I hope that one day we'll see a SP1 that will address the issue of the transponder, in the meantime it still flies well and is a beautiful rendition of the real thing. I am 100% sure that Jared and Orbx will stay behind the RV4 now it is released and whilst it is an older model than the RV7 it is still a great light aircraft and the two models have enough differences to stand alone. Side-by-side seating vs tandem seating makes a significant difference to how you fly the plane, plus no two cockpits are ever alike. When I purchased the RV4 I was suprised to see it came with a glass cockpit (obviously I didn't do much research before buying ) This would not have been a deal breaker for me at all but I would have preferred steam guages (and voted above). This is because in real life I am flying a Jabiru 160 that has a Dynon D100 EFIS and I don't particularly like it. I prefer the legibility of the old guages. I do find the EFIS knocks my frame rates around badly - I combat that by pulling the fuse which returns me to a reasonably smooth experience (P3D2). If Jared Is able to squeeze few more fps from the -4 I would be appreciative... I can understand the logic behind installing an advanced EFIS based cockpit in a vans (indeed in many small ga aircraft). You only need to do a very brief scan of the web to see the number of owners or wanna-be owners that talk about the merits of glass. In the last couple of days I have fallen in love with the new RV14 and the kit is provided with a standard wiring harness that will offer plug and play capabiltiy to 'many different EFIS systems'. For the life of me I don't understand the attraction with Sonex (grin - got to love diversity). If I ever got the time or inclination I think I would want to build a vans - not sure the wife would agree though - lol.
  11. A late departure out of YRED up to Lake Weyba near Noosa, Sunshine Coast Queensland... over the eastern side of Bribie Island looking west over the Glasshouse Mountains Time to sit on the verandah with a stubby and admire the sunset.
  12. Thanks guys, TeeCee - I thought the update was in the OZx scenery. Cheers.
  13. After a few years without simming I took the plunge and purchased Prepar3d V2. Here are some relatively unedited (cropped and reduced) screenshots of one of my first flights. The flight departs Redcliffe (YRED) in SE Queensland and tracks north west via Caboolture (YCAB) to do a circuit of the Glasshouse Mountains. engine warmup at Redcliffe tracking over Caboolture on the way northbound, the weather is 30km visibility. The Caboolture River winds its way out to Deception Bay in the background. Mt Tibrogargan slightly behind the RV with Mt Coonowrin and Mt Beerwah in the background clouds starting to build up as we play over Mt Beerwah time to make our all stations call inbound to Caboolture. The dynamic nature of the shadows moving around the cockpit certainly adds another layer to the realism of this new sim and the lack of autogen popup is something I have been missing since FS9.
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