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  1. Well KDK, I'll probably watch an hour of footy tonight go to bed, wake up in the morning, scratch my head and see where it takes me. Beat that. Seriously though enjoy the time away, sounds great. All the best. cheers Gumby
  2. Hi Will YMLT Launceston Freeware be updated through ORBX Central regarding misplaced Taxi Markers? cheers Gumby
  3. Just blame KDK Jack, that's all we need to know. cheers Gumby
  4. A nice shot of it all. cheers Gumby
  5. Nice KDK lets hope it wasn't a BAAAAAd landing. I know I've started something now. cheers Gumby
  6. All the very best Adam. cheers rs Gumby
  7. Nice ones Rob, the ocean has never looked so good. cheers Marcus
  8. Hi Any word on when the Aus V2 update will be released regarding various airport corrections ? cheers Gumby
  9. Great shots. Who needs air tickets these days thanks to Orbx? cheers Gumby
  10. Well done, looked like a lot of fun. cheers Gumby
  11. Ha Ha good one. Your safe for another day. In fact in our household we use Promite which is very similar to Vegemite and Marmite, good for the cholesterol LOL, bloody oath. Oops I apologise. cheers Gumby
  12. Cool shot, very crisp image. cheers Gumby
  13. One of my favourite classic songs. But to enter our country it's mandatory to try Vegemite. cheers Gumby
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