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  1. Hi Stewart My mistake, I went into the Orbx freeware page and noticed the P3DV5 version. I still only run V4. thinking of changing to V5. Maybe I missed the released notice to the latest V5 update which was due a couple of months back. All good. cheers Gumby
  2. Is there any further update to when this latest package is available for P3DV5 or V4? cheers Gumby
  3. Hahaha good to have you back. cheers Gumby
  4. Gee I tried KDK but I can't see it. Mind you I am blind in 1 eye and can't see out of the other. cheers Gumby
  5. Very nice shots Ted. Definitely have the best seat in the house. cheers Gumby
  6. Very nice shots. Definitely sooner be up than down. cheers Gumby
  7. Looks pretty cool Graeme. cheers Gumby
  8. This is a tough one, as I am more into commercial aircraft. So I will go 11 to 15. cheers Gumby
  9. Very nice shots John. Don't let Jack see that Bird. cheers Gumby
  10. Women you can't live with them and that's it. cheers Gumby
  11. All the very best for your day Graeme. cheers Gumby
  12. Top shots Iain. cheers Gumby
  13. A nice little training plane the Jabiru KDK. Quickly replacing the 172 me thinks. cheers Gumby
  14. Well KDK, let me be the first to welcome you back. It has been a long time and I'm sure you know you have been in all of our thoughts. Hope your family are doing well also. A nice shot to kick it off look forward to many more. All the best. Cheers Gumby
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