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  1. Some very nice shots. Didn't notice anything wrong with the landing gear, that's how I always land.
  2. Nice shots Adam, but I think they are little Gyros. A rare specie. cheers Gumby
  3. Very nice crystal clear shots. cheers Gumby
  4. Very nice KDK, and still running with both engines. Was this one of the first Kendall/Rex aircraft introduced into the fleet? I know its been around for a long time. BTW welcome back. cheers Gumby
  5. Very nice shots and the shadowing from the buildings caps it off. cheers Gumby
  6. He looks and comes across as a top bloke Jack, someone I would happily share a beer with, or a warm stout. Good on ya cheers Gumbv
  7. Super shot, I get vertigo looking at it. cheers Gumby
  8. Wow what can I say. Jack you look exactly like your profile (sorry) and KDK you look nothing like yours. Never mind good to see the both of you legends. cheers Gumby
  9. Nice ones Jack. Rego is very important especially when flying a single engine in a foreign country. cheers Gumby
  10. They look superb ,well done. cheers Gumby
  11. Well KDK, I'll probably watch an hour of footy tonight go to bed, wake up in the morning, scratch my head and see where it takes me. Beat that. Seriously though enjoy the time away, sounds great. All the best. cheers Gumby
  12. Hi Will YMLT Launceston Freeware be updated through ORBX Central regarding misplaced Taxi Markers? cheers Gumby
  13. Just blame KDK Jack, that's all we need to know. cheers Gumby
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