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  1. Hi ... I would like to ask .. this addon only replace default trees or also correctly places woods ? as for example "simHeaven Forests" products .. etc .. Thanks ...and merry christmas
  2. very nice .. but R.I.P FPS ? or ? Best regards J.Compel
  3. PupaZebu .. yours settings , PTA, Envtex ? thanks
  4. We can expect FTX Vector in this year ?
  5. Hi all. I would like to ask, Is there a chance for known airport Burgas (LBBG) + sunny beach .... ? It would be fantastic to see more European airports from ORBX :/ Best regards J.C
  6. great work Orbx Team ! thanx Best regards J.C Good luck all ..
  7. exactly! I totally agree people expect that with the advent 64bit p3d will be move all sliders on right side .. ok .. move .. without ooms and enjoy simulation with 15fps or less .. I never had a problem with ooms .. I use new good optimalizing addons no 6years or more old scenery ... Yes, I can get ooms right now without problems,all I need to, for example, uhm . New York city from Drzewiecki desing , and I have ooms within a few seconds this is very "good" scenery. New York city+64bit ? yea and all sliders on max .. and with 5fps is good solution .... for all orbx scenery, new aerosoft, flytampa, taxi2gate ..... completely enough 32bit .
  8. me too .. is possible that delete the folder only us which we are installed old unofficial product for P3D v3 ?
  9. jop ... work fine .. thank you again .. and I'm looking forward to others products ..
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