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  1. Hi Pete, Yep I checked out a couple of his vids, the camera one I found excellent. Don
  2. Great shots Pete, and I agree, MS are very lacking in any sort of instruction, particularly in the camera mode. Don
  3. Great shots TTM, IMHO, you're not missing much with the MS A320, handles like a pig, not impressed with it. The GA's seem to be okay, except the Cirrus, which the handbrake wont release every second time I try to fly it, but once up, it fly's great The 787 is pretty good, except it lacks a bit in appointments. Don
  4. Very nice set up Ken, amazing what we do for our hobby. Don
  5. Thanks mate appreciate your comments and concern. The police enforce lockdowns in all states and territory's here, huge fines if you get caught not complying.
  6. Great set Dario, love #8 the plane landing in the setting sun. Don't think I'd like to encounter all those birds on take off. Don
  7. Definitely lots of magic in those shots John, very nice, very scenic. Regarding the weekend, not so good, we got hit with Coronavirus stay at home blitz. We have been extremely lucky up to now, nothing in our area. Got he doors closed and sealed. Don
  8. Mind blowing Adam, love them, and a "rainbow" that's magic. Don
  9. Just a fantastic set Dario, love them all. Don
  10. Great shots TTM, love the last sunset one, really nice. Don
  11. Hi Greame, thanks mate, I needed some company. Don
  12. Thanks John B, it certainly is and I've only just scratched the surface, lots to learn. Don
  13. Thanks Wain, I'm finding trying to get good views and not crash a problem. Don
  14. Thanks Traveller, still learning. Don
  15. Thanks Dario, still having a few problems with the views though. Don
  16. Thanks Adam, look out I'm chasing your crown Don
  17. Thanks John, credit due to MSFS Don
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