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  1. IMHO, I think they could have cut the hype and delayed the release for a bit, and polished it up a bit more. I think they could have done a lot better with some of the major airports - Brisbane and Gold Coast are terrible as are a lot of others. I wont even go into the aircraft, I just hope the T.P. developers are working hard and will soon make some great fault free aircraft available. Don
  2. I'm not giving MSFS a standing ovation just yet, sure the scenery is okay, but a lot is missing, like the bridge the (Coathanger) missing over the Brisbane river, and lots of other things, also the aircraft are pretty average, etc. Me I'll keep flying P3D and check in from time to time to see what's changed and improved. That way I'll stay happy with my simming. I don't get to do a lot these days, so I want quality. Don
  3. Thanks mate, got it downloaded and all good. Thanks for your help. Don
  4. I tried to fire up MSFS this morning and got a message that I had to update before it would start, it then took me to the store with no further info as to FIND and install the latest update. Anyone have any further info on this, what I have doesn't seem right. Don
  5. Excellent shots John, magic place to fly. Don
  6. Great shots Dario, XP definitely has a lot going for it. I wish we had a few developers releasing aircraft for MSFS, so many I miss, so I'll be flying PD4 for quite a while yet. Don
  7. I think Orbx might too busy developing new scenery for MSFS to worry about fixing Asobo faults. Don
  8. Great shots Dario, love the lighting and clouds. Don
  9. Nice shots Pete - something different for the locals. Don
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