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  1. Thanks mate, hate it when I don't have my rig, but sometimes you just have to "bite the bullet", and do what you have to.
  2. Thanks John, Day at a time now mate, any day I can fly is a good day.
  3. Hi guys, haven't posted for a bit, haven't been in the air, apart from my own woe's, my rig has been unwell as well. Just got it back after repair. Dawn departure from Orcas Island MSFS .
  4. Wonderful set John, I must investigate that drone, haven't done so as yet. Don
  5. Greats shots OND, particularly love the last one. Don
  6. Welcome back. If you as you said, have a bunch of Orbx scenery, then P3D would be your go. IK have P3D and now MSFS, and swing back and forth between them, depending how and what I want to fly. I spend most of my time, (what little I have), in P3Dv4 because of the amount of Orbx scenery I have and aircraft selection, but I also enjoy GA flying in MSFS, as its pretty special, it just lacks great aircraft. Don
  7. Yep. I agree. For all the years they have been developing software, you'd think getting it right would be a breeze
  8. Great shots John, really like them a lot. Might invest in that scenery after seeing your shots. Don
  9. Really great shots Adam, makes me feel like I'm really there. Don
  10. Really super shots Dario, and there are good reasons to fly both sims. Don
  11. Excellent shots Wayne, great plane, I have the Milviz version which I find a real handful to fly, particularly the take off. Don
  12. Excellent shots Dario, that's one hell of a gorgeous sunset. Don
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