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  1. Thanks to my simmates for all the best wishes, so many I thought it best to show my appreciation in one post, as my computer time is limited. I am reasonably well (today) and feel blessed to have reached my 83 milestone. As long as Doctor sawbones looks after me, I reckon I've got a few more in me yet. Thanks again Don
  2. Of course you will mate, give up the fags, take up drinking and naughty women, at least you'll have a ball until you go.
  3. Thank you my Aussie mate, if I can't hit the grog, I'll just have to gorge myself, but will have one sip of my wife's G&T
  4. Sorry to hear that mate, get well soon Don
  5. Thanks Gerold, trying to make them all count now, reckon I should be good for another six or seven.
  6. Thanks John, been pretty good so far, worst part is because of my meds, I can't toss down a couple of coldies but will be out tonight for three or four courses.
  7. Nice shots OND love the sky colours Don
  8. Yep Graeme, the older you get the slower you are, John is faster out of the blocks than me, and tomorrow I'm 83 so even slower. Don
  9. Just a short flight, Sydney to Warnervale to check out my flight controls can't get my throttle to work insync with twin engines. Still wont, anyway just two pics. thanks for looking Don
  10. Happy Birthday Mate you only look a day older than yesterday Don
  11. Great shot Adam, like them a lot. Don
  12. Magic shots Adam, MSFS certainly has a lot to offer Don
  13. Great shot John, like the backdrop and the sky. Don
  14. Happy birthday Ken, sorry it's a bit late, been out of action. Don
  15. Happy Birthday Scott, hope it was a good one. Don
  16. Sorry to see you go Benny you will be missed - a lot. I'm not here a lot myself these days, health issues, but when I can get back, its's great to see the gang and their screenies. You might feel the same after a break. Regardless, my best wishes to you and I hope one day we might see you back on the forums. Don
  17. Thanks guys for looking and kind comments, hoping to get a couple more in this week, time and health permitting. Don
  18. Managed to get a flight in recently, in my Hawker 850, Canberra to Brisbane. Haven't flown this bird in a long time, but all went well. Actually haven't been able to fly anything in quite a while, so it was excellent to blow away some cobwebs. P3Dv4 Don Don
  19. Great shots Tim, we just need the update with the new runway. Don
  20. Great shots Gerold, it's even difficult for us Aussie's, one minute the borders are open the next closed. It's a bit of a lotto if you take the gamble. Don
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