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  1. Hi Holger. Apologies for the extra pics, that happened when I was figuring out how to post them. These are pics I took with my camera of my screen, best I could do, hope they help. Don
  2. Hi Holger, I have now flown Coff's in Oceania and Global, and they are both the same, I also encountered another problem. When I tried to take the screen shots you requested, I got a "unable to take screen shot message". This my first attempt at screen shots so maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I followed Tim's instructions - "press v" which is what I did and got that message. Not sure what to do next, as you need the screen shots to see what I'm talking about. Don
  3. Hi Holger, yes Central was set to Oceania. I'll try it set to Global and see if that fixes it. Get back to after the trial run. Thanks. Don
  4. Hi guys, just purchased YSCH Coffs Harbour. After take off I went inland, all okay, but on returning to the coast, I noticed houses and greenery in the ocean. Could I please have some advice how to fix this. Thanks. Don
  5. I've recently started to get blitzed with adverts that are driving me nuts. I've had up to 5 on one screen, some even cover what I'm trying to read. I've upped my MS security to max, MS Defender doesn't seem to do anything. I have WinZip Malware, but I don't think that works for normal ads. Is there a better way to block these things? If anyone has a cure please let me know. Thanks. Don
  6. Thanks Holger, 'll start with the library and go from there. Don
  7. Thanks Misha I see you're an Aussie, so you may be able to help me. I'm trying to locate VOR charts for Australia, primarily Queensland. I've Googled my heart out but found nothing related to VOR. I was about to hit the forums to see if any Aussie members knew, which I will do if you cant help. Thanks Don
  8. Can somebody please tell me the meaning of these. Do they indicate a special level of software or something else, or are they used to denote a region. Probably a dumb question but I'd like to know and only ask as I haven't been able to find an answer in the forums. Thanks. Don
  9. Hi Guys, last night I downloaded the Pacific Northwest Demo v2. I get the following error message when the FTX Central window comes up. "Duplicate Landclass Index 14 aborting FTX Central". Hit ok and FTX Central disappears and if I try to reopen it I get the same message. I have read the accompanying notes and didn't see anything in there that I missed, so I don't know what to do now, except maybe delete the file and start again. Advice please. Don
  10. Thanks TJ, the help I got from you members was fantastic. Thanks for the tip about the repaints, I'll go have a look. Don
  11. Hi Fredrik, not actually two posts. This one I was asking for contacts to purchase add on aircraft, the other post was asking for help with the aircraft I purchased. I did make contact with the A2A support forum but without success. There maybe answers there now, but I haven't been advised by the moderators that my posts are up, regardless I no longer require there assistance as I have received excellent help and advice from the members here and am now successfully flying my Cherokee 180. This has been a very enlightening learning curve, when they said real, I wasn't aware that they meant THAT
  12. I was told that if I had a problem to lodge a post and I would get plenty of help - thank you all this is fantastic. First up yesterday whilst having another shot, I make a quick pick - Friday Harbour curious because the aircraft is already flying, and yep the engine cut out. I have to say this thing glides beautifully, I made a perfect dead stick landing on one of those islands. What a way to go, how sweet! Now serious business. I did not expect to buy an aircraft that needed an immediate major engine overhaul, yes guys that was my problem. As I had just bought this I never even considered a
  13. I have recently (yesterday) purchased my first add on aircraft the A2A Piper Cherokee 180 with Acc-Sim. This my first add on aircraft and not a good experience. After the download I had a read of the Flight Manual and than decided to take it for a spin. That was where my dream ended. Sitting at the end of the runway I hit the starter and got a very sluggish turnover, like a flat battery, then nothing. From that point on I got no response whatsoever. I rechecked the manual, maybe I missed something, no I didn't, not that I was aware of. I re-downloaded the file, still the same. I have contacted
  14. Thanks guys. Ken, I had a look at the Carenado range and other stuff Just Flight has. For nostalgic reasons I bought A2A's recently released Piper Cherokee 180, I did my ppl on its little brother the 140. Not having a good experience with it, and not getting any support from A2A. The file opens with the a/c on the runway ready to go. Start engine - no result, repeat, again no result. Won't bore you with more "no result" details. 24 hours later and I'm still waiting for A2A support - very poor customer service. Moving on. Hey Jorge, thanks for the info I'll have a look at those and hopefully
  15. Could someone please point me in the direction of hanger full of aircraft that work with MSFSX and ORBX. Thanks. Don
  16. Hi John, yep I fly full screen, the only way to fly I have a 23 inch LCD BenQ which is pretty good, but I'd love something better. Maybe I should write a letter to Santa. I'd like to thank you and Jared for your help and patience. Unfortunately I'm not super good with computers so have to raise the hand and scream help all too often. I'm not too concerned about the window problem with the Lancair as it's the only time it happens, and if I have to restart my computer to get everything back to normal on that one occasion so be it. Hi Jared, thanks for the suggestions, I'll give them a go. R
  17. Thanks guys for taking the time to help out. Simon brilliant mate, I have rudder, thanks heaps you've distressed me LOL. So easy when you have the right info. Reg, no I wasn't past it and you had me on the right track, the problem was and I didn't know it. Somehow the program during loading the CD/drivers, it allocated the wrong axis to the elevator and until I deleted that it wouldn't let me assign anything to the rudder. I only picked up on that when following the link Simon gave me. And thanks to you two guys for giving me info I could understand. I'm finding this all a bit daunting trying
  18. Thanks guys but sorry that means nothing to me. I've just got into this a few weeks ago and am trying to come to terms with the tech side. I'm still at pre-school level. I reran the install disk and it shows the toe brakes but no rudder. Nothing in the manual has any advice as to if you have a problem loading the software. Also it's about time they gave references to Win 7 and 8 in their manuals, Vista and XP, Noah used them on the ark. Don
  19. Hi guys, need help with the above. I got my yoke setup and rudder pedals separate, just received the RP's. Loaded the software okay, checked the settings, but found I had no allocation for the rudders. In FSX settings/Saitek/control surfaces/rudders, I attempted to allocate them but failed. I couldn't get anything to appear in the "box" as accepted. I have the toe brakes allocated okay, but no rudder. When I allocated the toe brakes, a box appeared which I ticked - all okay. I thought the same procedure would apply to setting up the rudder. Can someone help me here please. Thanks. Don
  20. Thanks John, I forgot to add the Win 8 and also my graphics card. You might like to let me know if my graphics card is adequate - NVIDIA GEFORCE GT640. It has been okay for my photography and art work, but I'm not so sure if its okay for this. I hope it is as I'd rather spend the money on more ORBX than on a new graphics card. Okay now, I deleted the Lancair file and downloaded it again. Now the aircraft flies as it should, but I still have the problem with the disappearing window. I feel this may be a FSX software problem and nothing to do with the Lancair file, they just don't seem to like e
  21. Hi Jared, this is as listed on my computer. Intel Core i7 - 3770 CPU @ 3.40 - 3.90gHZ. RAM 16GB 64 bit O.S. x64 - based processor H.D. 1.8TB (1.6 free after downloading 5 ORBX programs and Global base) Hope that helps. By the way and I know this isn't a support issue, but maybe you can help me. How do I list my ORBX software on my posts like a lot of the guys do. One guy told me I need tags but that didn't mean anything to me, and I've checked my "My Account" and can't find anything there that relates to that. Thanks. Don
  22. Thanks. I don't have any addons, I have only bought software from ORBX. I'm not a computer guru so I don't know the implications of downloading one file on top of another. Maybe that just compounds the problem. Maybe I should delete the original file and download it again and see if that works. I have to assume that it hasn't got anything to do with FSX as everything else works okay. I don't have a problem with aircraft and flying, I learned to fly light aircraft years ago, it's the computer side of all this that gets me confused. Thanks for your help. Don
  23. Thanks Jared found it but there's nothing there to help. I think I'll just delete it and write it off to experience, because it's a dud file and downloading it again and again doesn't help or change anything. There's nothing in a flight manual to correct or advise on losing part of a window, that's a software issue. Don
  24. Hi John, I'm new to all this so I get a bit confused with some of it. (load the default flight and the rest of it - I don't understand). I downloaded the file and the Lancair appeared in my aircraft window. I clicked on it and got the window with the aircraft in flight. As the flight progressed (all times I have tried it), it slowed until it crashed, even on full throttle I couldn't maintain height. Then on exiting the program I lose 75% of the FSX window and have to restart my computer to get back to normal. Obviously I am doing something wrong, or just lack experience with how to work FSX/OR
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