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  1. Really nice shots of a really lovely place Martyn. Don
  2. Beautiful shots of beautiful scenery Iain Don
  3. Excellent shots Mikee, very pretty part of the world Don
  4. Beautiful pics Adam, interesting runway Don
  5. Great shots Graeme, and you're right, so many places so little time Don
  6. Guys, thanks a million for your best wishes, sometimes when things like this happen, I'm not too sure where to turn, my family having their own problems, I just don't want to give them any more stress than they already have. It's great to have you guys to lend an ear. As an update, my sister came out of ICU late today, and is holding her own - slight improvement. At 90 years it's a very slow process, but any improvement is a win. Again, thank you all. Don
  7. As a lot of you guys/gals might remember, My wife recently had a serious illness, but thank fully has fully recovered, to the extent that she can - 90%. Not long after whilst in the waiting room waiting for her, she was with the doctor getting her check up, my phone rang - my D-I-L telling me my son had been rushed to hospital for urgent surgery. That night, I got a call from another hospital telling me my sister, she's 90 had been admitted with a serious heart problem. My stress period returned full on. On top of this, my wife had to have minor surgery on her nose - sun spot, but somet
  8. They have quality stuff Louis, and as John said, "old birds". I have their Avro Lancaster, Hawker Typhoon, and Grumman F3F-2 all great aircraft and well detailed. Don
  9. Thanks guys, sorry for the slow reply, but several things (life) got in the way. Don
  10. I got the Grumman a while back but never got to fly it. Just a quickie around YBBN Thanks for looking Don
  11. Nice shots Martyn. I see you were boning up on the "big birds" during your absents Don
  12. More P51D low level action, (354) P-51 Mustang flypasts - AMAZING SOUND - YouTube
  13. Found this by accident at the weekend - Oshkosh 2019 P51 Mustang EAA Air Venture "Tribute to Bud Anderson". Definitely worth a look. Don
  14. Thanks Nick, didn't know there was one, hadn't seen any progress reports, but as you would know, I don't get to spend a lot of time here these days, so may have missed them. Don
  15. Hi guys, Not sure if you will agree with my thoughts, love YBBN update P3Dv4, love Brisbane city update MSFS, but I can't understand why we now have a great YBBN, but a terrible Brisbane city, and a great MSFS Brisbane city but a terrible YBBN. Would it not have been better to update one sim say P3Dv4/5 Brisbane city, and then MSFS YBBN airport, than have them both half done in each sim? Just my slant on it. Don
  16. Great shots Adam, perfect clarity Don
  17. Sorry meant to add, nice to see you back Don
  18. Yep we're heading in the right direction now Gerold, and as I said to Rodger, it's nice to know we have the support of you guys, no matter how far away you are.
  19. Thanks Rodger. I know you guys are on the other side of the world, but it's nice to know we have your support.
  20. Thanks guys, unfortunately my visits are a bit hit and miss these days, but enjoying every one of them when I can Don
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