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    Photography, Jazz & Blues, F1 fantastic machinery, And of course flying. Had my ppl many years ago, so have a basic knowledge of flying light aircraft. Being close to Amberley Airforce Base, the sods buzz me all day

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  1. Great shots Jack, sounds like I should add that to,my library Don
  2. Great shots Jack, thanks for the look around, lots of interesting detail there. Don
  3. Could somebody tell me where/how to get more info on the above, like what airports are included and where to get their I.D. codes (if any). The User Guide is not active in my download so need a bit of help to find some of these airports/fields. Thanks Don
  4. Nice shots, love the blue sea in the last one Don
  5. I don't quite understand the "urgency" of some simmers for release's, with P3D we've had priority from ORBX for so long and now it's XP11 turn. We'll get more when they've caught up with XP11, be patient. Surely with all the scenery ORBX had developed for P3D, you have plenty to occupy you, I know I have. Don
  6. Not sure I really need it that bad. At my age, I don't feel like chucking more money down the flight sim hole. Don
  7. Wonderful pics Renault, you must be super happy with your new bits. My wife says she is a "flightsim widow" I often get the comment - oh you've come up for air. Oh yes she's really funny. Don
  8. Lets hope the Mod's aren't getting that one eyed we cant innocently stray occasionally Don
  9. Great shots Jack, you have to love XP scenery Don
  10. I had the same problem OND it would not install new purchases Don
  11. Smashing foursome those Iain love the mountains Don
  12. Beautiful shots Carlos, wonderful scenery Don
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