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    Photography, Jazz & Blues, F1 fantastic machinery, And of course flying. Had my ppl many years ago, so have a basic knowledge of flying light aircraft. Being close to Amberley Airforce Base, the sods buzz me all day

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  1. Great shots OND, love the yellow livery and the great scenery. Don
  2. Good work Martyn, small fast jets are tricky Don
  3. Thanks Jack and you're right, had the blurb right in front of me, but still didn't get it right, must have been the "you're now fifteenth in the que, please continue to hold" that caused my error. Well that's my excuse anyway. Don
  4. Thanks Gerold. Love the aircraft, love the north of Queensland. Apart from flying up the coast, I like to do regional flights inland as well. Don
  5. Thanks mate, it's a good looking plane, and right up my alley, not too much setting up. I have CFS, brought on by a couple of prior issue's, not life threatening, but I was hoping for some medical advice on a cure - apparently there is none as they can't definitely confirm the cause. As they say, anything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger - something like that. Don
  6. Thanks John, yep I have a few others from Rikoooo Don
  7. Thanks Martyn. I thought the wait time unbelievable, but I had to hang in there, no choice. Don
  8. Thanks Vince, I think you'll be pretty happy Don
  9. My first flight for a bit. Had a long phone wait for info from the medics, so a perfect time for a flight - YBBN to YBCS. (I did say long, I was on hold for 1Hr40,) Cairns was a bit further, but I had a good start. The aircraft is the B737-800 just released by Rikoooo, nicely finished, fly's okay, nice crisp instruments and trick things like the HUD. This is a really nice aircraft for a freeware, if you haven't done already, check it out. Don
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