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  1. To the ORBX team, I hope you are already on it, but just in case not, could I mention that the once very useful Product Map is now in dire need of an update. I've always found the ORBX Product Map very useful with its zoom function, especially when relating the ORBX airfields to the Regions, but now the map is in dire need of an update as currently it muddles up both X-Plane only airfields eg. EGCB Barton with P3D/FSX only airfields and where both are available it only identifies the P3D/FSX version. Not only that when clicking on an airfield link many now produce Error 404 eg EGTR Elstree. Furthermore the current map only shows the P3D/FSX regions and really we could do with a separate maps, one for each of the supported simulators. A separate X-Plane only map showing the airfields against the TrueEarth regions would be really useful, as would separate P3D and FSX maps. Regards, John
  2. You were too quick for me Nick! I'd just spotted the same thing, but couldn't get my correction edit out in time to beat you. Odd though, why PBR is described differently in the key features while the other common features are described so similarly and also why are no wet runway screenshots shown on the P3D product page.
  3. While EGPH Edinburgh looks great in both X-Plane and P3D, only the P3D version states it uses PBR materials in the key features, however when looking at the product screenshots, it is the X-Plane version that shows the wet runways while the P3D screenshots do not. Most confusing, do they both have PBR equally or differently?
  4. Obvious question Mac, but as you've been out there recently, what is actually there, a 'verdant deciduous landscape' or a 'arid desert' or neither?
  5. They are the drivers for the Flight Instrument Panel in Smudger's reply, but as I understood it the file I downloaded ( see my notes) just installed three test programs that allowed you to press each switch in turn on the for the Radio, Switch and Multi panels and the result shows up on the screen display. With your panels plugged in, if you then go to 'Devices and Printers' you should see your panels listed. If they are you can dig down and access your driver details from there. Since Logitech took over, the panels certainly work now in both P3D V4 and X-Plane 11 without either SPAD or LINDA, so if your problems persist I would contact Logitech Support for their expertise. I'd simply hoped that my installation notes may have been of use.
  6. Good, I've just found it too on https://support.logi.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360024693814--Downloads-Flight-Switch-Panel When I said disconnect all USB cables in step 1, I was referring only to the Saitek panel connections. I have two radio panels, a multi-switch panel, flight switch panel and three flight instrument panels connected to a seven port powered hub. Keep in mind that the plugin only contains the test programs and not the drivers, but the test programs will be vital to resolving any issues. Windows should automatically add the panel drivers when you plug in the panel USB cables, it should be as simple as that.
  7. Yes, I bought my panels prior to Saitek's takeover and the Logitech drivers work fine. I installed mine in P3D 4.3 in June 2018, please see my notes below. After decades in the software industry I've learnt the hard way to always make installation notes (see below), so looking at these I can see that I found the radio, switch and multi panels do not require you to install drivers as Windows already has them (see 01/06/2018), while the Flight Instrument panel does require a driver (see 02/06/2018). PS: Take very careful note of when to connect/disconnect the USB cables. PS: To get the MultiPanel LED screen to work you'll have to make a change in the Windows Registry, see second half of 02/06/2018. NB: This fix appears to work only for the individual USB port you were using at the time, so you just have to always use this port. Finally please remember that these are only notes I made to myself and so if any point is not clear just ask. Hope this helps, John 01/06/2018 Ran 'Flight_Panels_x64_Software_8.0.150.0.exe' thinking it installed the panel drivers, couldn't see anything else, but then found the panels don't require drivers and this exe just installs three test progs in C:\Program Files\Logitech\Flight Panels VERY DIFFICULT to work out the installation procedure, decided on the following:- 1) Disconnect all USB cables from the powered hub and turn it on. Then connect the USB cable for each of the panels (radio, switch and multi) in turn. 2) Run the Prepar3D V4 Plugin (Prepar3Dv4_Plugin_x64_Software_8.0.150.0.exe) as Admin. 3) Ran Panel test progs, everything worked except for the MultiPanel LED screen. 4) Started P3D with C172 and found all worked except autopilot, but then I don't know how to work this. Then attempted to load Flight Instrument panel driver, but this appeared to fail. 02/06/2018 Saitek support said to use 7-ZIP to extract their Flight Instrument panel driver download, which I did but don't think it was necessary, however it did expose some jpg files which from their titles showed that when the installation appeared to hang it was actually waiting for a panel to be connected... Ahhhhh !!!! Why does it not say? So disconnected all Saitek USB cables and ran driver install again, but this time connected the first USB cable when this picture appeared, had to wait a while then it successfully installed the driver!!! DID NOT click 'Next' instead connected the second USB cable and waited and again the driver was installed repeated for the third driver, then pressed 'Next' and finish. NB: There is no need to install a plug-in as the previously installed plug-in covers all Saitek products. Ran P3D and the Instrument Panels worked OK... hooray! NB Powered up USB hub before connecting its USB to PC and got error below on MultiPanel, just reconnected to fix the following error:- This device cannot start. (Code 10) The I/O request was cancelled. This just leaves the MultiPanel LED screen to be fixed. Found following fix on You-Tube:- 1) Connect MultiPanel using the usual USB port, as may have to repeat fix again for other ports. 2) Enter 'Devices and Printers' from Control Panel. 3) Locate MultiPanel (mine showed an error) and right click| properties | hardware select 'USB Input Device' | Properties | Details then in the 'Property' drop down list select 'Device Instance Path' and note the displayed path. NB: can just leave it displayed. 4) Click on Cor circle below windows 'start button' and type 'Regedit' select Yes. 5) Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE | SYSTEM | CurrentControlSet | Enum | USB 6) Now look for the device instance path found in 3) above. NB: You can match the centre section only. 7) Select it and expand it, check this matches the righthand section of the device instance path. Double click on expanded line and select 'Device Parameters'. 9) Locate EnhancedPowerManagementEnabed and double click it, change the 1 to 0 (one to zero) and OK it. 10) Close RegEdit and cancel out the rest of the windows and reboot PC. Then run test prog.
  8. No need for either SPAD or LINDA, the Logitech drivers work just fine with P3D V4... PS: The Logitech drivers are a huge improvement on the original Saitek drivers, which did need SPAD. Regards, John
  9. Yes as a recent convert to X-Plane, I too miss the animated figures and ambient sounds at ORBX airfields, in comparison with the P3D airfields they seem lifeless. I can only presume that there must be technical reasons for why these are missing. For instance, when the FMOD sound model was initially added it was for aircraft only, but LM stated their intention to add airfield sounds in the future. I don't know if this has happened yet. Does anyone know more?
  10. As there has been awful lot of brown stuff being heaped onto ORBX Central 4 over in the support forums, I thought in the interests of giving a more balanced picture I'd mention that I've just used Central 4 to install TE US Oregon HD. It not only performed faultlessly, but with Extraction and Conversion stage running concurrently with the download, they completed only 20 seconds after the download itself completed! It only took an 1hr 30mins to get to this point and then less than 10mins to complete the backup and clean up and the job was done. This is way quicker than FTX Central so my congrats to Ben and the team, and for those still experiencing pain I can only say it will be worth it. Regards, John
  11. Looks superb John. So glad you've decided to offer the two versions as - and I'm sure this is true for many of us - to buy ORBX TrueEarth HD regions is to know you are buying the best that is available, period. This is what brand loyalty is all about after all and to have offered TrueEarth SD regions only would have broken that. PS: Just finished installing a new 2TB SSD yesterday, so I'm ready - bring it on!
  12. No John! No John! No! When I buy ORBX products I'm paying for quality and I'll happily purchase the required SSD's to experience that quality. I love to fly low and slow and enjoy the superb ORBX scenery and that is when the difference between ZL16 and ZL17 will be visible, not in the high level shots you've chosen to display. I wouldn't expect there to be any visible difference evident in high level shots and I'm quite frankly upset that you chose to display high level shots instead of low level shots - what were you trying to demonstrate? If you'd shown us low level (1000 ft) shots we could clearly be having a significantly more qualified discussion now. Should you want to offer an alternative low resolution version, fine, but for goodness sake keep the present high resolution versions to uphold the ORBX reputation of industry leading quality and excellence.
  13. Beautiful and I especially noticed the trees, which look way better than the standard, immersion jarring X-Plane trees. Are these the Turbulent Designs Terraflora trees as promised as part of the Optional HD Pack?
  14. Central V4 Backups - thanks Ben, using the "migrate to library" feature is a great solution. I'm really looking forward to Central V4, the new features are going to be much appreciated. Thanks, John
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