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  1. Think you will find the answers to your questions here:- https://www.thresholdx.net/news/turbfs John
  2. What is your order of installation in your scenery config file? It would be good to have sight of it.
  3. Information for others - these are small downloads of 2.03GB, 1.55GB and 1.33GB so no long downloads. For those of us with slower internet connections, knowing the size of update downloads in advance would be very useful and I do think this information should be displayed prominently on ORBX Central next to the Install button. I speak from bitter experience having got caught out with one of the X-Plane TrueEarth updates which turned out to be over 40 GB - some update!
  4. Not sure which service pack you mean, but I noticed it there on the 11th of January.
  5. Hi Nick / Jon, Is there any chance you could find out what size the downloads are for new TE GB Updates are please? The problem is that while they might in actuality be quite small, on the other hand they could potentially be very large indeed and from a timing point of view it would be really useful to know what we are letting ourselves in for. Regards, John
  6. Thank you for the explanation Kevin. However I do think it would be a help if the manual made this clear, because as it stands there is no mention of this point in the Next Preset and Previous Preset sections. In fact I'm starting to realise that there is no way of assigning a Static preset to a key or button, but as I had not seen that stated and as a beginner I'd not appreciated the point and so I had been trying. Perhaps the manual could point this out for beginners like me. Otherwise this is a great product and I'm really pleased with it, thanks.
  7. Bump. Would someone at least verify if Next Preset and Previous Preset does cycle successfully through their Static presets, then at least I'll know I have an issue with my installation or not. There is nothing in the manual to say that Next Preset and Previous Preset only work with the On-Board and Outside presets, so presumably they work with Static presets too, or am I wrong?
  8. Hi, I'm a new ChasePlane user. Bought it and installed it through ORBX without problem. I'm been enjoying setting up the ChasePlane assignments and came across the Next Preset & Previous Preset assignments issue reported a couple a days ago which is now fixed for both On-Board and Outside presets, but not it seems for Static presets, that is unless I've misunderstood something. I've updated to version 1.1.62 and have four Static presets set up and these all work perfectly when accessed via the UI. The Static Camera assignment works, but then neither of the Next Preset & Previous Preset assignments have any effect, while they work perfectly when used after the On-Board Camera and Outside Camera assignments. Is this the same bug or have I missed something please? Regards, John
  9. Hi Pete, I have the same problem and with the same files missing too (having checked your Log file) , I also have verified my files, uninstalled and then reinstalled, but the problem persists. Would appear to be a bug in the installation procedure. Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  10. Hi, I have the same issue. I have Verified my files, they were OK, then Uninstalled and then reinstalled, but the problem persists unchanged. The files identified in the Log file definitely do not exist, in fact the PF2 folder appears to be missing. PS: It would be helpful if the whole path was printed out for missing files. If it is all there and just broken into two across onto the two lines, please confirm. Thanks, John Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  11. To the ORBX team, I hope you are already on it, but just in case not, could I mention that the once very useful Product Map is now in dire need of an update. I've always found the ORBX Product Map very useful with its zoom function, especially when relating the ORBX airfields to the Regions, but now the map is in dire need of an update as currently it muddles up both X-Plane only airfields eg. EGCB Barton with P3D/FSX only airfields and where both are available it only identifies the P3D/FSX version. Not only that when clicking on an airfield link many now produce Error 404 eg EGTR Elstree. Furthermore the current map only shows the P3D/FSX regions and really we could do with a separate maps, one for each of the supported simulators. A separate X-Plane only map showing the airfields against the TrueEarth regions would be really useful, as would separate P3D and FSX maps. Regards, John
  12. You were too quick for me Nick! I'd just spotted the same thing, but couldn't get my correction edit out in time to beat you. Odd though, why PBR is described differently in the key features while the other common features are described so similarly and also why are no wet runway screenshots shown on the P3D product page.
  13. While EGPH Edinburgh looks great in both X-Plane and P3D, only the P3D version states it uses PBR materials in the key features, however when looking at the product screenshots, it is the X-Plane version that shows the wet runways while the P3D screenshots do not. Most confusing, do they both have PBR equally or differently?
  14. Obvious question Mac, but as you've been out there recently, what is actually there, a 'verdant deciduous landscape' or a 'arid desert' or neither?
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