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  1. Is there a KMZ file for Tongass Fjords? Have searched the forum and haven't found anything, unless I overlooked it. Thank you, Gary
  2. I was in the U.S. Army at Nha Trang. Flew in a C-130, C-123K, and C-7 occasionally when going to different locations in country. I had my private pilot certificate at the time, so really enjoyed the flights. Gary
  3. Great news! I solved the KSAN problem: the control panel settings were set so no airliners would appear. Never thought to check that, as I don't recall doing that when I first purchased it. Anyway, my support request can now be closed as "resolved". Thanks to everyone for their help. Gary
  4. To update my previous post, I solved the problem with the light blue texture on the hills by uninstalling and reinstalling NCA. I also solved the elevation problem at PAHO by uninstalling and reinstalling it also. The same procedure for KSAN failed to restore the airliners at the gates (I have my airline traffic set at 69%). Gary
  5. Well, I am making progress. I copied all of the missing Orbx folders from my external hard drive to my new computer. I then uninstalled and reinstalled FTX Global, ran FTX Central to insure everything appeared up to date, then started FSX. I set my first flight at KMRY. ALL Orbx scenery appeared, but some of the hills in the area had a strange texture that was light blue, about the same color as the waters in the Bahamas. I then started a flight at PAHO (Homer, AK). I encountered elevation problems there. After exiting FSX, I uninstalled and reinstalled the Orbx libraries and
  6. Further on this, I just checked the FTX_NA folder that was saved on my external hard drive and compared it with the folder on my new computer's hard drive. There are many folders that were not transferred onto my new computer, why I do not know. I am in the process of transferring the rest of them now. I'll let you know what the result is. Thank you for your help. Gary
  7. Doug, That may be my problem with most of it. I do have all of the scenery items backed up on a thumb drive. These were backed up as I purchased each item. Maybe when I copied the Orbx items from my external hard drive all of them didn't come over. Do you think I should uninstall and then reinstall the problem areas from my backup? I think this would be faster than trying to go through FTX Central because they would have to be downloaded again first if I used FTX Central. Gary
  8. Nick, Well, my test flight was interesting. I started in Monterey, California, which is an Orbx airport, and found that the airport appears to be default. The surrounding scenery has problems: there is water in the middle of downtown Monterey. I then tried New Zealand and everything appeared to be OK. The same was true with Jacksons, Tasmania, and Pago Pago. I then tried Bowerman in Washington and it was default scenery and the surrounding scenery wasn't that great. Bozeman, Montana, which is another of my Orbx airports, was fine, but West Yellowstone wasn't. Some of the s
  9. Nick, I am unable to locate a folder called C:\programdata\Microsoft\FSX. Gary
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