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  1. Grand set of shots indeed...Can’t wait to explore this amazing scenery
  2. Grand set of shots...looks like you are really getting the most fun and exploration from all these wonderful ORBX scenery locations...
  3. Grand shots these (I must buy that SF260)...I said the same thing as you when I first flew True Earth in XP...the whole experience combined with a high end pay-ware or free-ware for that matter aircraft has a far more ‘realistic’ feel to it, the Orbx True Earth scenery immersion is a huge part of that but theres more factors I believe ...I flew back in P3Dv4 the other day and it almost felt ‘on rails’ with it’s flight dynamics...either way both sims remain on my ssd’s for the foreseeable future... Bring on TE Washington for x-plane, it will be a turning point for many I feel...
  4. Great shots indeed, the Robin has flown a long way to explore that amazing new region
  5. Cheers Bruce, hoping for similar results...
  6. Wow, these are really superb Iain, can’t wait to get my hands on this release
  7. That’s great news Jack, I have been missing flying my airliners in P3D...just to confirm, you downloaded & installed latest version of V4.5 content and then put the V4.5 hot fix on top of it? Did you also replace content & scenery without upsetting anything? ,
  8. Wonderful video thanks, I really love this ‘Silver Spitfire’ and look forwards to following its round the World endeavour ...I have a wonderful version of it for X-Plane from FlyingIron, almost a2a standard... https://www.silverspitfire.com/
  9. Great shots...that AN2 looks most impressive and a handful on the water...
  10. Superb vistas John, Really looking forwards to flying in this...
  11. Superb shots, like the sky in the first two especially
  12. Nice shots, especially like the last one...
  13. Nice shot...love those low clouds
  14. Looks like you had a grand West to East flight, great shots
  15. Grand shots indeed TTM...head straight out of Glasgow and over Loch Lomond and it is just amazing terrain to behold
  16. 1st Class set as always Mark...not thought of flying there yet...
  17. Grand shot & great camouflage on that bird...
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