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  1. Nice one guys...great to see the forum spawning ‘real’ friendships from our ‘virtual’ sim hobby... I am at the Flightsim show at Cosford tomorrow, but never get to meet fellow members, I always drop by the Orbx stand to see if I can recognise anybody, but we all seem to walk down the isles not knowing one from another! and jostling to view the stands...still great to have this show and be amongst ‘my own’ for a few hours
  2. Great set of shots Gerold, nice to see somewhere else I have not yet explored in the sim...
  3. Great actions shots, looks good fun in that Hawk...
  4. Superb shots, great lighting effects
  5. Smashing shotsindeed, got to get this beauty when I get chance....
  6. Grand shot TTM...loving the clouds
  7. Pride Park Stadium - Derby County...I am a Nottingham Forest fan and we have a long footballing rivalry with our neighbours Derby County... but still I admire Derby’s Pride Park stadium...for having Brian Clough’s statue outside (best football manager ever!, some of his quotes are epic) https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11689/9642762/brian-clough-fifteen-of-the-legendary-managers-most-memorable-one-liners By the way cracking shots there Martyn...
  8. Would like to see the higher res/higher poi’s as a ‘TE ProSim’ option...some of us would certainly pay ‘more for more’ detail...
  9. Awesome shots John, the mist adds to the effect very nicely here
  10. Looking mighty fine...grand shots Renault
  11. Great shots...this is on my shopping list!
  12. Really looking ‘True to life shots’ amazing how far we have come with our hobby
  13. Three cracking shots here TTM...
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