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  1. Grand set, amazing to be able to fly a sim 737 into a detailed London City these days...
  2. Great ‘heavy metal in flight’ shots...
  3. Cool shots...almost flying on water ...hmmm must find a hovercraft for xp
  4. Beautiful set of shots Mark...you have inspired me to get my flyingiron Spitfire out of the hanger this evening for a flight...
  5. Wow! really great shots Iain...is this Mars or possibly the new Australia v2?
  6. ‘…oh my giddy aunt!’ ...these are absolutely wonderful, hope to be flying in these stunning areas real soon...
  7. Great shots...Used to love my bikes, started out on a Yamaha Fizz, then RD250 (Yellow & Black - Kenny Roberts colours)...RD350lc...GPZ550...and a Katana (would have been worth keeping that one) I used to do trials as a youngster... Yamaha TY250...Ossa, Bultaco...Do miss my bikes, often thought about going off road again, but do it now in my Land Rover (much safer and warmer) Have Donnington circuit close by so get my fix there from time to time
  8. Very nice indeed, we are certainly ‘50 shades of green’ just now...
  9. Great ‘Fast & Furious’ shots at the Goodwood Circuit
  10. Grand set, lovely time of day for a flight
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