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  1. solved! PEGASO made a proposal in another thread, which described a simular situation ( " open FTX Central as Administrator, go to "Settings", and click the second last button "Clear Temp". If you have something reliable like CCleaner available, execute it. Reboot again") Thank You, Pegaso!
  2. Good morning,, I have tried yesterday and this morning to install Global Vector via FTX Central 3. But I waited sseveral minutes - and then received the information, that the download was interrupted. I was asked, if I wanted to try again, same result. It does not even start to download. Just for Information - there were absolutely no problems, to install Global Base and LC Europe - it just refers to Global Vector. What I have tried also, was to give the link to the Vector, which I have still on my Computer, did n0t work. And I of course stopped BITDEFENDER and FIREWALL. P3D is running on Windows10. Same programs are running on my FSX without any problems... So, I cannot find out, what is going wrong. Kind regards Wolf-Dieter Gehse
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