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  1. Hi Nick, In ISO time, 24:00 does exist, as seen in this Wikipedia article. The relevant portion is here: Some may find this discussion silly. To me, it's fascinating. Cheers!
  2. This was precisely the OP's question: what was meant by midnight? The belief (based on Nick, the only ORBX team member to chime in here) is that they mean the end of the day, so Aug 22 at 24:00 AEST, thus Aug 22 at 14:00 UTC. Same here!
  3. Good to know. So if my calculations are correct, that would be 2017-08-22 14:00 UTC (for those who don't want to google AEST).
  4. Wonderful to see these preview shots! Been looking forward to them for a long time. As an aside, I'm wondering whether it's possible to add a bit more detail as to location in the caption. I'm curious where some of these places are. It all looks great, by the way.
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