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  1. No. Australia V2 is already released. Enjoy! https://orbxdirect.com/product/auv2
  2. It's one of my preferred routes and area to fly. What a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  3. In fact, you should depart from the new airport (SEQM) , the old one (SEQU) was closed some years ago. What the hell, I guess that's why it's called Flight Simulator.-
  4. You're aware that sharks don't roar, right?
  5. Don't forget the ultra detailed rendition of Mercy Medical center helipad. What a piece of art.
  6. I have always been interested in the area of Central America and the Caribbean, due to its peculiar airports and challenging approaches. In the specific case of Costa Rica, I like to practice the interesting CYRUS VISUAL RWY 25.
  7. Up to 50% for limited time, including new releases.
  8. i think real world have some glitches, too.... The excess of brown textures is often caused by the incorrect placing of Open LC entries in the scenery library. Please try this:   By Nick
  9. Well-deserved, after all the work of a fresh installation.-
  10. ChasePlane issue, not entirely problem of sceneries or developers. " Minimum is better for inspecting close objects, like aircraft details, but causes z-fighting of textures for distant objects. Currently, no generally solid ClipMode setting exists, it is always a compromise between the right depiction of distant vs. close. "
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