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  1. I got email from Microsoft regarding Windows 10 . I will receive the " Windows 10 " in my email box in 2 weeks and I can leave this on my desktop for later installation whit in the 12 months of lunch date of 29/07 gratis period for free installation . Now I run Windows 7 Professional therefore I will receive Windows 10 Professional. I upgraded my every day PC and I have no issues at all. The only thing I do not like that with Edge you can not create a shortcut but if you go to top right corner and click " more actions " and hit on " open with Internet Explorer " page will open with " Internet Explorer " and you are back to the old options. When you close the pages next time Edge Browser will open again . Actually I my opinion Windows 10 is much improved in my opinion and Edge is lot faster Browser. To conclude we all will have time for Windows 10 let developers have some time do get it right. papavuk
  2. Thanks for your reply's it was a help in deciding witch one to go with and on the end I had to make a choice that will be the best for my scenario. I have build a complete simulator with all glass gages (7) and all that is necessary to fly without VC only 3LCD screens as my window and forth LC monitor as my desktop one that I can move my ATC and 2D panel so I can keep my eye on thinks. Having all those instruments by Saitek and GoFlight 16 UBS ports working I had to go with my FSX . I had P3D installed and I did not like it at all . My FSX is running with frame rate 40-50 frames at very steady rate. Saitek and GoFlight have not able to have there drivers in tune with FSX-SE. On the end I had lot of factual information and I am really happy with the end result. Thank you all, Papavuk
  3. Hi gents, I had talked to many simmer's in last little while because my dilemma was which simulator to run . I have all 3 available and after talking to Saiteck and GoFlight because I have simulator with complete instrument penal and using my 3 monitors only as windows mining no VC the conclusion was to go with P3D 2.5 so my instruments are fully supported and P3D is very sharp in 3D graphics lot better and smoother then FSX . I was going to go with FSX-SE but lot of my instruments are not supported yet and everything is in the air for now. I did not like P3D before however with my new system Windows7 Professional 32GB RAM motherboard all set up big processor and R9 AMD 4GB video card it is perfect. One think that made a big difference was to work on 3D display via video card and let P3D alone. Frame rate got superb and steady after that and getting 12 new updates to my BIOS and my computer man with lot of knowledge when comes to gaming PC ( has a shop with 10 gaming computers for young kids) did all adjustments. Lot of work in past year but now it is was all worth it. Thanks for your reply's and input it all helped great deal
  4. Thanks I also have P3D 2.5 what ?? do you have problem with ad-on like Accu.2 feel ,HD Airport ,Pete Dawson-FSUIPC4 registered cop[y and plane ad on...etc Thanks
  5. I have new custom PC build SSD drive is clean for now , what to install FSX Acceleration Gold Addition my disc or FSX-SE. I have FTX Global,/ NA North West./ Vector .Europe LC / Lights and all freebee stuff . Is the Orbx ready to give me all necessary installation tools to go with new FSX-SE. I started with FS2004 and up to now for last 9 years FSX and 3 Computers later can somebody from Orbx give me inside on who to go with old or new both ways it will be a 100% clean install. Thanks
  6. Thanks for reply. I have upgraded to Windows7 64Bit and now system supports 32 RAM Good day
  7. Hi gents, Just got new pc clean SSD drive running Windows7 64 Bit Professional 32GB RAM i7Intel 3.5 processor 4 GB AMD card . I have all Orbx download waiting from the purchases when I had FSX Acceleration Gold Addition . Have a FSX disc . I have been reading many articles and my question is? Will I have problem with Orbx if I get fresh start with FSX-SE.I started 12 years ago on FS2004 and now have 3 monitors and all glass gages and flying without VC.
  8. I have Microsoft flight simulator x: acceleration/ GOLD EDITION new PC using only for my simulator At the moment I run Windows7 32 bit it only recognise 16 RAM memory out of 32 installed. Scenery is all upgraded to Orbx. Have a opportunity to install on my SSD drive Windows7 64 Bit. Can anybody tell me if there are any problems with having 64 Bit to reinstall my FSX.
  9. Hi Didn't we pay for this? Do we just forgot about this or what? Chears
  10. Please can somebody notice this anomaly regarding road on top of the water /ice on Detroit river just along side of Ambassador bridge connecting Windsor ON. and Detroit USA. Thanks
  11. Along the side of the bridge crossing from Windsor Ontario there is a road on top of water also crossing to Detroit . Any fix for that please Gentlemen Papavuk
  12. Hi Alex I had some time. Reinstall all the free airports and bingo , airport is a OK. All thinks are where they shod be. Only one tower before I had two ,parking OK 100% When it comes to this weeds issue look in to it but it is not a big deal. That what happens when you retire and have time on your hands. Thanks, Papavuk
  13. Alex Send some pictures . It is strange in winter to see this but in reality when the snow is gone I like it because that airport looks like that. I live in the area and have gone to the airport many times . One more thing >> airport scenery is deferent now after this download > one think: where parking area and small planes and trucks parked including car parking now there is grass and before it was solid surface. Airport tarmac and taxi ways are good ,l but I understand this is the airport ad-on . Thanks .
  14. I installed new FSX and P3D ObjectFlow patch. Only in FSX so far I can see green weeds in very spars fashion standing out of tarmac and taxi ways in winter scenery. Specifically at the airport in Windsor Ontario Canada, however when I use P3D at the same place and time there is no weeds. Any help to correct this anomaly Papavuk
  15. Thanks for your info . I did just about all the tweaks on my FSX and is running great. Thanks
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