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  1. Thanks. Perfect Super Juhu Frank from EDDM
  2. Thanks Matteusz. Please make GCRR ready for V5. (Afcad) Animated Flaggs on the Airportbuilding will make the Airport more Live Thanks Frank
  3. After Update 1.01 i have the same Problem. Nothing changes.
  4. I have a question about GEN + GES If I do not want to use my installed GES + GEN, it is sufficient to deactivate the files or I have to uninstall the product. I am using the SimStarter. Is it enough to deactivate all GES or GEN files or should I uninstall it? Would like to switch. Thanks Frank
  5. Why must i install ESKS direct in the SIM. I will install this in my Orbx Library Frank
  6. It work now. I delete the Backup an load the file again.
  7. I reinstalled my Base to my M2 SSD At this time i have this problem. Veryfy do not help.
  8. Hallo Kai Du you have skiathos in your scenery Bibliothek. Try to dissable and Test. Grüsse Frank
  9. I have the same Problem. New System, New P3DV5 Hotfix 1 I work days with this Problem. No fix I am happy that another Person have this Problem. No help from Orbx Frank
  10. add-on.xml Du you men this is working with a second XML. At what Folder i must place this. Frank
  11. Thanks, i will test it this evening. Maybe i make a stand allone XML for Africa Mesh to switch it on or off. Frank
  12. Hallo Nick, here is my Africa XML. Frank add-on.xml
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