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  1. It work now. I delete the Backup an load the file again.
  2. I reinstalled my Base to my M2 SSD At this time i have this problem. Veryfy do not help.
  3. Hallo Kai Du you have skiathos in your scenery Bibliothek. Try to dissable and Test. Grüsse Frank
  4. I have the same Problem. New System, New P3DV5 Hotfix 1 I work days with this Problem. No fix I am happy that another Person have this Problem. No help from Orbx Frank
  5. add-on.xml Du you men this is working with a second XML. At what Folder i must place this. Frank
  6. Thanks, i will test it this evening. Maybe i make a stand allone XML for Africa Mesh to switch it on or off. Frank
  7. Hallo Nick, here is my Africa XML. Frank add-on.xml
  8. Ok, Thanks, later i will you send the XML file from Orbx LC Afrika. I have all my Orbx prudukts install outside the P3D Folder. The only Folder is Orbx Libs. This stay in P3D Folder. where can I find an optimal scenery library to compare my entries.It's about the Orbx entries where they should be. Frank
  9. Thanks Nick, at this time i have deaktivated the Folder FSGlobal2010 Afrika. Later i can send you the XML file. Is it better to deaktivate fs global mesh Afrika or Orbx Mesh Africa Frank
  10. How can i disable Orbx Africa_Mesh when it is installed via XML. Frank
  11. sHallo Mitchel, which libraries do you mean ? Airports, OrbxLibs, Vector, Open LC, Tress, Buildings ?! I will use the Default.xml because at some scenerys you have to use the librarie merger. What can i migrate to my Librarie without loose the Default.xml in my P3D folder Thanks Frank
  12. Thanks, a wonderful airport. Is it intended that the parking C1 is no Sode functionality. Thanks Frank from EDDM
  13. My passengers are already impatient since I can not start to lowi. Greatings Frank from EDDM
  14. How many space wil be needed for the first part on the my ssd. Frank
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