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  1. They say, as each week passes, that the end of the world is even nigher
  2. I would like to congratulate Orbx on a great new Orbx Central
  3. Hi Derek, No trouble at all, I'm afraid. Pressing Insider Logon from main page gives me https://www.flightsimulator.com/?autherror=xbla_invalid although why the 'invalid' attribute I am not sure. HTH
  4. Hi Derek, I would have loved to take up your offer. I have not been to Cosford before. But I feel not fit enough to try to convince the wife of an absence.
  5. Generically 'equipment', but then use is always somewhat vague. HTH
  6. A really great job, guys Is it safe to perform an automatic update while my P3Dv4 is running?
  7. Hi Dominique! My first impression is that there will have to be a great deal of 'market adjustment' by the current vendors.
  8. I believe that there are two significant factors here: Many of those interested in aviation/simming probably have a greater English language fluency that the average person throughout Asia Many of those worldwide with fluent English are already interested in seeing more airport sceneries developed for Asian cities and supported by ATC frequently. So my preference would be for greater marketing efforts in the major Asian languages by the scenery, sim and VATSIM communities.
  9. Where is this downloadable from? Ah! Foound it on the orbxdirect.com site.
  10. I can confirm that running Verify Files caused a significant volume of downloads/updates to all of my Orbx Global Range and airports. I hope that this is OK! PS I also re-ran MakeRwys and AEC just to make sure.
  11. Does a download of ever increasing size have to happen? Could we move to the scenery made permanently available from a server instead? Or does this introduce software-as-a-service licensing complexities? Just a thought.
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