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  1. OLC SA Bolivia.

    These look so natural! The colors of the ground textures... perfect!
  2. A circuit of PAVD. 4k.

    Spectacular shots! These mountains and landscape... Simply beautiful!
  3. Personally i also would love too see Phu Quoc in ORBX quality because my wife was born there. I arrived many times on both the old and now the new airport. Nice to see that it's not only on my wishlist.
  4. Simson, i guess all platforms will be supported!:-)
  5. John, can you tell us which platforms these will support?
  6. Looks like the most detailed scenery package ever created in FS world. Again i'm completely jarradized and marshallized!!!
  7. First of all a big THANK YOU for this! Okay, no tech questions... but can you say something about the expected duration to convert ORBX addons from v3 to lets name it v4 compatibility? Will it be a quickie or is it possible that we have to wait as long as with v2 > v3?
  8. A BIG Thank You for updating these (g)oldies!
  9. Hi, just a suggestion/question... Wouldn't it make sense, now after the release of GEN, to list the German airport sceneries in the "Europe" Categorie of FTX Central? Or are there reasons, maybe compatibility related, why they are still found in the "FTX Global Range"? Thanks
  10. What the hell is going on here...
  11. Germany North - A few more POI

    Simply stunning! Great work!
  12. That's what i like to see.

    What a crispy cracker! So delicious. If i only could eat these screenshots...