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  1. Nice shots. I presume that is the Honolulu City scenery? Is it also the FSDT airport? How do you find it with P3D4.5. I see it is on sale but seems a little underwhelming on the eye? I thought it might go nicely with the city scene though?
  2. Thanks John, sorry I am jumping the gun a bit, I am actually have P3D v4.5 and was just reading the previews, I take it the advice is the same though? cheers Ian
  3. Great video, it looks like you had some fun there!
  4. I note the minimum system requirements state a GTX 1070 or similar GPU. So should I expect performance issues with my 1060 or are you saying it shouldn't be bought at until until my GPU is upgraded?
  5. Fantastic shots, all of them. I love the way that sun disappears behind the cloud over Chicago.
  6. Never thought of it as such a barren area.
  7. Nice shots, I'd have thought the earlier ones were Australia v2??
  8. Sorry, I mean't is that a particular airport scenery for the sim?
  9. Very nice, which scenery is that?
  10. Nice shot, that marshy area to the right of the airport looks a bit different these days with a new runway well into construction.
  11. Great pictures, is that Seattle in #2?
  12. I love the detail of the shallows where the creeks run out into the sea.
  13. That's where Bob will come in handy
  14. Yes I think the runway is virtually complete, its all the background stuff that needs putting in place. When I lived in Manchester it was about 12 months from when the construction finished to when the first commercial landing took place on the new runway at MAN. I think at BNE ther'll need to be a fair bit of taxiway infrastructure to link the existing terminals.
  15. Brisbane is currently in the middle of having a new runway built, opening next year I believe. That may affect the timings of any re-modeling or updates.
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