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  1. Nice shots, I enjoy combining flight-simming with viewing football stadiums so loved your pictures.
  2. Hi Graham I notice your name features on the MAIW credits list, presumably contributing to the Oceania package? Do you think it will be duplicity to have both the MAIW Oceania package and FTX Au AI military aircraft/flightplans or do these products contain different material?
  3. That's okay then, great shots bye the way!
  4. Were you supposed to be there, or in Dusseldorf?
  5. Very very impressive
  6. Looking very nice before it all went south. I'd be curious if you changed the weather to default clear and tried again, what sort of result you found. There's some big dark clouds there.
  7. Don't think it will be True Earth though, I'd hate to think of the file size.
  8. Thanks mate, I'd missed those. Yes, now that is what I call an English summers day.
  9. I've been very impressed with the TE GB preview shots for P3D. However I have noticed they are always taken on a glorious sunny day. I get the fact that TE GB is a summer only setting, and we can't expect snowy textures or autumnal leaf colouring, but I am curious about the weather. It does tend to rain now and again during the English summer. I have Active Sky and ASCA installed, on real world settings. So if I for example, it is raining, heavily overcast or reduced visibility, could I expect to see that on TE GB' s summer settings? Or is there some over-ride that means only a clear sunny day will show? Any screen shots of TE GB with ASCA weather would be appreciated. Ian
  10. I was very tempted to pick this up in the sale, but didn't because it states -Please note that CityScene Barcelona is not compatible with LatinVFR Barcelona. However the review states - If you do however have a modified scenery for Barcelona's airport, then in the FTX Central launcher, there is the option to disable this modification and thereby allowing you to use your current airport add-on without it being affected". Could someone please clarify whether or not CityScene Barcelona and LatinVFR El Prat will work together?
  11. Thanks mate, looks interesting. Lots of excitement over at AVSIM.
  12. Okay, thanks for the advice. I didn't realise default airports featured in True Earth. Looks like I'll be waiting until the P3D version is released before I invest in any more airports. cheers Ian
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