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  1. You can't be serious, I can't believe someone put that there. I am going to have to find one myself. Have you looked around Uluru, I wonder what is there. Maybe a broken down combi on the Stuart Highway too?
  2. Here is a link to Australia V2, and it is currently on sale you'll be pleased to know - https://orbxdirect.com/product/auv2
  3. I can confirm Doug's observations. I too had issues with black patches on the surrounding suburbs that went away with the removal of the Sydney_LC folder. The new version of YSSY doesn't even come with a LC folder to remove.
  4. I am not sure if Seanmo really lives there, but wasn't it something to do with Kiribati being the first place to see the new day that people moved their VPN to Kiribati to get the MSFS release first?
  5. Is it the case that the wake and smoke effects aren't working in MSFS, or did you just happen to pick some stationary ships for the pictures?
  6. Hi Sherm, ah I see you did a T&G at Wellington, that explains it. I was a bit confused. cheers Ian
  7. Nice shots, but could you confirm the location, out of curiosity?
  8. I've just bought TE Florida and three airports, no problems with the service here.
  9. Nor am I. AIG seems a bit daunting at first, but once it is up and running it is very simple. Have a look at this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7Z_QqKb3fw&ab_channel=TheFlightSimmer There is also a very helpful and active forum on their website. I have never heard of AIG being a bigger resource drain, like for like, than other packages. The thing to bear in mind though is I currently have over a thousand flightplans installed with AIG, so that can make for a busy airport. It is easily to control the volume of AI though, for example AI Companion is a great tool.
  10. Why do you want to buy one? The freeware AIG package can't be beaten in my opinion. Over a thousand commercial and GA flightplans, regular updates, high quality models used, thousands of unique liveries, active support forum.
  11. Note sure about X-Plane, but I think it will be the same as P3D. I don't have my flight computer turned on, but if you got to your settings in Orbx Central look for a setting which points to a temporary download folder used whilst the files are being extracted and installed. Check the location of that folder, you can set it up anywhere where you have some space or utilise an external drive.
  12. We stumbled by Boulder City by accident a couple of years ago when on a road-trip with my son, it's great little town (with very cold beer after a drive across Death Valley) and Hoover Dam is amazing. This scenery brings back good memories.
  13. You can do both, fly into Wellington and then catch the Interislander across Cook Strait to Picton. A very nice journey through the Marlborough Sounds (on a calm day). A little something to whet your appetite - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba_OBVafiq0&ab_channel=airsidetv
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