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  1. Ian St

    Flightsim.com Reviews CityScene Barcelona

    I was very tempted to pick this up in the sale, but didn't because it states -Please note that CityScene Barcelona is not compatible with LatinVFR Barcelona. However the review states - If you do however have a modified scenery for Barcelona's airport, then in the FTX Central launcher, there is the option to disable this modification and thereby allowing you to use your current airport add-on without it being affected". Could someone please clarify whether or not CityScene Barcelona and LatinVFR El Prat will work together?
  2. Thanks mate, looks interesting. Lots of excitement over at AVSIM.
  3. Okay, thanks for the advice. I didn't realise default airports featured in True Earth. Looks like I'll be waiting until the P3D version is released before I invest in any more airports. cheers Ian
  4. Hi, I have P3D so obviously don't have True Earth UK yet. I am mulling over the purchase of some airport sceneries from another provider, but before I take the plunge I'd be keen to see what the airports look with True Earth installed, as if they are a pretty good rendition I might not bother with the additional addons and just wait for True Earth for P3D. Just wondering if someone with True Earth could post a couple of screenshots of Birmingham, Gatwick and Stansted. cheers Ian
  5. Thanks Nick, I'll give that some thought.
  6. I was just canvassing what other people do with their Orbx files? My situation is that I have windows and P3D on a 256Gb HDD. I then have all my addons, including over 200Gb worth of Orbx files on a 500Gb internal SSD. This has about 60Gb of space left so I rapidly need to make some new other arrangements, as I can't even download the 75Gb Netherlands True-earth I bought at the moment. My thoughts are that I will buy a 1TB external SSD, purely for Orbx. I like the idea of an external drive as I can't be bothered engaging a tech-savvy person to help install an internal drive, plus I think it future proofs things a bit as if I change my motherboard I dont need to worry about compatibility, I'll just move the external drive to my new set-up. So, getting to the point, is anyone succesfully running Orbx installations off an external SSD, or encountered any performance issues? Also, I am wondering whether 1TB will be enough, given the rate of True-earth scenery being released at the size of the files (plus some more LC hopefully!). So, rather than shelling out $$$ now on a 2TB drive, I am hoping that if I need to add another drive in a couple of years, I'll be able to successfully split my Orbx folder onto two drives using the link shell software. Anyone see any issues with this?
  7. Seriously? I am sure you'll get over it. Looks a pretty good representation to me. Great shots, my only criticism is that a trip over Birmingham didn't include a view of Villa Park for us all to admire.
  8. Ian St

    Big Bear

    Beautiful clarity
  9. Ian St

    Flight around Caloundra YCDR

    Nice shots, strange to think i was there a couple of hours ago in real life. I've never noticed how close the ships come into the channel just off Kings Beach, just like they do in reality.
  10. Both for worlwide coverage, Global excludes the USA
  11. Ian St

    Place names

    True, many places down here link back to the home town of the original settlers. On the flip side though, I was at Port Arthur recently, a notorious penal colony in Tasmania. Some very interesting readings there indicated that transportation was the best thing that happened to mnay of them. After a time, most were released and able to forge a decent livelyhood on theor own land. They had a much better life and life expectancy then if they had stayed in the slums they were sent from.
  12. Ian St

    Monument Valley

    I presume you have the new ObjectFlow Beta activated?