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  1. The setup basically entails ensuring you have an active account for AVSIM library, Flightsim.com and the AIG website (all free). You also need to download the P3D SDK plus of course any payware AI models you choose to use. The first time you run the platform, you need to point the installer to the location you have the SDK and where you want your install to go (43Gb ish). It will then prompt you to log into those websites so it can access the models, flightplans and re-paints, it does the rest. You can bulk click and install all 950 or so airlines or just select the ones you want.
  2. 1) Do you mean AIG AI Manager, or Traffic Global? I don't have UTL so can't say if it is better, but I've never heard anyone who uses AIG complain.With regard to AIG - 2) Yes 3) You just need to do a bit of easy set-up work to begin with. At the end of the day you can't expect 40+Gb of files to just appear and work flawlessly without some preparation. 4) Superb graphics, especially the PBR textures. A vast array of repaints, for example, all the American Airlines retro liveries, accurate renditions of airlines such as Norwegian, Frontier, Ryanair, Southwest that have multiple livery variations for the same model. 5) With 950 airlines, there aren't many places without traffic. If you want to check a particular airport, let me know and I'll see what is there.
  3. Can't recommend AIG Ai Manager highly enough. 900+ flightplans, hundreds of models, textures, special liveries, retro liveries etc etc. All free. If you want, you can donate and/or purchase some payware AI models, but this is not compulsory.
  4. Nice picture, the jury is still out on the clouds, are they the new ones or are you using ASCA?
  5. Irukandji. Yes, very poisonous, if they wrap their tentacles around you, you are in deep trouble. Yes, we have ants in our garden much bigger than European ants that give you a nasty sting if they bite you. Not doing much for Australian tourism, this thread.
  6. Correct - Saltwater or Estuarine Crocodile. H'mm I don't know, people just adapt and get on with it I suppose, keeping a safe distance. I live near surf beaches and mates talk about going surfing and seeing sharks then going back out the next day, I can't figure that out.
  7. Oh yes, but not frequently. I was bitten by one once and was pretty sick. A young child, elderly or somebody already ill would be most a risk. Bigger hazards in that part of the world though, any idea what a "saltie" is?
  8. A poisonous spider.
  9. Ah, that makes more sense.
  10. Ok, thanks Nick. Probably safer/easier to just disregard unless a problem appears.
  11. What a varied landscape, is this Kodiak, Alaska? The last two look more suited to Australia v2.
  12. Indeed, but the question related to what an elevation stub was and why some may generate errors and some don't. Never mind.
  13. Hello I've re-installed v4.5 successfully installed all my Orbx products back into the sim. However in Lorby's addon organiser, I notice that firstly the sequencing of my Orbx files is all over the place, which isn't a problem for me as long as it works, but I notice a handful of files titled "Elevation Stub" are coloured purple, suggesting an error. I've had a look at other Elevation Stubs that do not appear to have a problem and the file layout appears identical. So, my questions are, what is an Elevation Stub, why would some indicate an error in Lorby's addon organiser and some don't, and should I be concerned about this? cheers Ian
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