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  1. Your transaction ID / receipt number is 5bc781a5bf057. Hi... Excellent scenery package but am discovering some anomalies Im sure there will be updates but here is a start Problem..:EGBB Default airport showed no buildings but did have vehicles.... For a temporary fix, I added the gateway scenery which so far works... but I know there are other default airports with the same issue. I suspect this is due to exclusion zones not in place as mentioned in the forum.... Step by step but first I need to make sure the ORBX scenery play nice with the rest of the Xp
  2. I noticed someones post, fsx user, for a similar problem.. He was using ftx lights configurator.. I have a similar problem with no lights configurator. See image below....
  3. I was wondering if I should ask for my money back..... and will orbx refund. I just bought this today and after following all the suggestions as well a using vectors elevation check.. This is my result. I have plenty of orbx products without issues..... I dont have Norway packages of orbx or anyone else..... Im hoping someone has a deadfast solution.... Thank you/
  4. Howdy.... I have recently come across Simulator Object Design Engine (SODE) I have used it on some airports and some others that dont support it yet... Do your jet ways support SODE? and if not, can the be modified for it? It seems to be a very stable animation which supports single and dual gateways. Thanks... Flyboy53
  5. A while ago Tim Harris recommended this small ai pack for pago pago. I really enjoyed having traffic at pago pago... However... I've moved from fsx to P3D and V# at that which I found out sadly, I cant install to. Are there any versions available or updates for the V3 version of P3D? or maybe someway to install it? Thanks a million and appreciate your help always.. Flyboy.
  6. Would love to know if and when the FTX Global airports pack will be updated to P3D V3.... Thank you....
  7. Thanks.... Apparently my KSEZ was not the latest... Thank you!
  8. Evening Fiends and Foes.... Just noticed the same problem with KSEZ elevation.... Disable elevation in vector and still had the same issue... I will repeat the process for both so I can put some pics up here.... The only thing I really have done since I last had it working is apply all the new updates withe new installer..... Including Global Vector... Could you please research this? I'm Circling waiting to land..... looks a tad uneven to put my wheels down,,, Thanks.... 1. KSEZ Enabled.... FTX Central: North America and the Insertion Order
  9. Ok.... Ran the chkdisk and defrag..... Avast is exactly same specs.... May I ask what your avast settings are? as far as active file check? Thanks Adam....
  10. That is why I am waiting for Adam... He has the very same setup as myself... OS, Sim, AV... and a file that loaded without warnings. Your computer could have different settings in your AV. A proper comparison is with as close as the same exact environment and a known file that works with said environment... I just downloaded and installed Southern California without a hitch but KTVL keeps singing the same song.... It is the only one of all that I have... and if you look at my signature, I have added quite a bit since. Also... ORBX is using a new temp file system..
  11. Some people as myself use one computer to do their work and cant afford another... I have had two viruses in 30 years of computing and that is because i am careful.... I have too much to lose. So I take threats seriously. Please don't downplay a threat just because you may have a spotless record.... You would look very foolish if one got by.
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