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  1. Liked the plane so much, i bought it as well. Image from the pilot's point of view, flying near Malmo
  2. Curious, what plane is that? Great piccies
  3. Just think, the big UK World Update 3 drops tomorrow, fingers crossed Asobo have fixed things or there will be a poo storm hitting the proverbial fan on a biblical scale...
  4. Simply click on the static planes option when you configure the software in the Orbx launcher and they go away. Display static aircraft (Default = Enabled)
  5. I'm excited by this airport, my wallet is excited, double the excitement if there's a P3D version as well. All this excitement is almost unbearable...
  6. Morning take off from Crawford on my way to Santa Barbara. Love the hills
  7. I bought all the FTX UK sceneries from them as well. Thankfully Orbx sorted it all out a while back so fear not OP.
  8. I've already said my piece on this subject elsewhere. Happy to wait for a patch that will hopefully uplift my spirits regarding this particular addon. I know they can do so much better with this particular product. Got most of their other airports and addons and never had an issue before.
  9. That's all i'm asking for at least. I've bought most of your catalogue on P3D and have been very happy with the products i've bought, never considered a refund. This is the first time i've encountered what for me is textures that aren't up to your usual standard in one of your products. I'm pleased you guys are looking into it, look forward to the update.
  10. Well i have to add my 2p's worth here and say the textures are terrible for the London landmarks. Looks like they came out of FS98. Don't even start me on the night time illumination which is way too bright. Compare the textures to the default and the default textures look nice and crisp. The landmarks while nice they are there, seriously need an update in the resolution department. I appreciate they should be viewed from a distance but please don't take us for mugs. Just because it's a new simulator, doesn't mean you can throw any old rubbish at us. Please sort this out with some better textu
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