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  1. Yep, that's fixed it. Had mine set to 1m. Thanks for the help
  2. Bought the scenery, very nice I have to say, as i've flown out of there a few times in the past. Upon flying around in a helicopter to view the scenery from various angles, i encountered this. I have TEGB series installed, no other meshes or sceneries for the area. Any ideas what could be causing the anomaly?
  3. If you read my post, i did actually say nvm all fine, which means i did actually work it out for myself, so no clarification needed but thanks anyway
  4. NVM, same issue as OP, now installed ORBX Central, all fine
  5. So glad ORBX are bringing the ES sceneries back to life, looks fantastic
  6. Hi Nick, It was enabled in FTX Central, but not in P3Dv4. Kindergarden error, all sorted now. Appreciate the help
  7. As the title suggests, Shoreham Airport flyover on the A27 has vanished. Thought it was a glitch so uninstalled Shoreham Airport, re-installed it, still not there. Any helpful suggestions as to its restoration greatly appreciated
  8. Then what's the point of flying over any scenery that you are unfamiliar with? Sticking with my local scenery would bore me tears. That's whole point of flying somewhere you haven't been. See something new, and if it's a TE rendering, even better
  9. Been trying out TE GB South on P3Dv4. Live in Brighton myself so obviously started at Shoreham and been flying along the coast checking things out. Vastly superior to FTX England for obvious reasons. I agree some higher res for landing would be nice as previously stated, 2000ft and above looks totally stunning. I love the fact the UK2000 Extreme airports all seem to slot in nicely so far (just as well as i own them all). Just flown from Exeter to Guernsey and the view to the rear leaving old Blighty was quite spectacular. Now ORBX have bought the rights to all the Earthsims classics, be great to do trips down to Alderney, Guernsey and Jersey once they are released
  10. Apologies for the gravedig but this worked for me also. Had the same problem with Fly Tampa Copenhagen where the waves were vertical. Reinstall of libraries and water effects moved down to high has fixed this
  11. Sadly i've been waiting over a day now, no reply from ORBX, no reply from FSS. I have over $200 worth of scenery i can't access, getting a bit frustrated tbh *edit* Thanks for that link. Logged in there, clicked send, fingers crossed something positive happens *edit 2* Opened up FTX central and they are all listed now. Crisis over. Thanks again. No idea what happened to the email, certainly never received it.
  12. How long does it take to get a reply normally? Just curious
  13. Appreciate the reply, followed the steps, now just waiting on FSS to get back to me. Thanks for the help
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