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  1. I found I had to uninstall and reinstall ESSA as I had double buildings etc, as if there was a default airport there as well. Happy to report all is working well now and thanks to Marcus for linking that article, I now identified working jetways. Thanks all for your help.
  2. Great work guys, can I ask which jetways are working at ESSA, I have as of yet been unable to find one. Does it require a reboot or something?
  3. I have found City Scenes to be kind on performance. I have an average PC with a 1070 GTX. Never had a slide show with any of the ORBX city sceneries.
  4. Very nice indeed Iain. Never made it in real life, but will be nice to visit in sim.
  5. Thank you for listening John. LOD 14 with seasons would be my preferred choice. I must admit I was disappointed to have such beautiful scenery and then not have the changing seasons.
  6. Also in FTX Central, I have noticed an entry for Open LC North America/Canada/Alaska, not installed and when selected it states no download available. Is this a region split for future products, or is something wrong with my installation?
  7. That's great news John, I would have been reluctant to change if those went back to some sort of default state.
  8. These are very promising shots, and I can't see any warts. A general question, many of the smaller airfields have been enhanced in ORBX England to a very nice standard. What will happen to those once True Earth is installed over them, will we lose them. I am thinking of EGNE Gamston in Central area as an example?
  9. If I was to repurchase Nantucket from ORBX to pull it into FTX Central, would it cause conflicts with my Just Flight version. Would it be simply a case of uninstalling that version and installing the ORBX version? I guess now would be the time to keep it tidy as its 50% off. Any thoughts most welcomed?
  10. A little over 6GB for the SA Land Class, still downloading the Mesh, but it looks like its around 1.5 GB
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