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  1. That's great news John, I would have been reluctant to change if those went back to some sort of default state.
  2. These are very promising shots, and I can't see any warts. A general question, many of the smaller airfields have been enhanced in ORBX England to a very nice standard. What will happen to those once True Earth is installed over them, will we lose them. I am thinking of EGNE Gamston in Central area as an example?
  3. If I was to repurchase Nantucket from ORBX to pull it into FTX Central, would it cause conflicts with my Just Flight version. Would it be simply a case of uninstalling that version and installing the ORBX version? I guess now would be the time to keep it tidy as its 50% off. Any thoughts most welcomed?
  4. A little over 6GB for the SA Land Class, still downloading the Mesh, but it looks like its around 1.5 GB
  5. bcrawley57

    FTX Scotland Service Pack 4

    Have you included the Queensferry crossing?
  6. That news has made my day too. We are so ready for this.
  7. I second that, the River is now bridged completely and due for opening in May.
  8. That's great news, what a wonderful gesture by the community to such a well loved man. I wish he was around to see how much the community thought of him.
  9. I purchased two new PCs at Cosford, one for me and one for my friend who is brand new to the hobby, (Chillblast if verification was ever required).. The PCs were delivered the day before Central 3 went live. I asked on the forum, which would be the best option, to use FSS backups or to migrate over to V3 and install on the new PCs. I actually used FSS for my friends PC as he only has Global Base, Global Vectors, LC Europe and Scotland, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales so far. The advice on the forum for my new PC built was to take advantage of V3, so I transferred my account (thinking I was doing the right thing), and used Central 3 to install my PC over three days. I now find myself feeling as if I unwittingly contributed to this problem as a result. I have taken no backups , merely installed the many products I own and love. I do like the idea of copying my entire ORBX folder to my NAS, I can replace my FSS purchases with that. I was unaware that this was even possible until John mentioned it. I also would not object to paying $30 a year as an insurance against losing everything I own and avoiding what I think would be something like 60 days to recover all my products. John... I love your products, feel for the situation we are in at the moment, but am sure you will find a decent solution. Its in the interests of us all.
  10. Thats excellent, thank you very much for your help
  11. I might put the Global products from my backups, I am not quite sure where FS Pilots Global Mesh fits in all this. But certainly Global Base and Vectors I will do from backup and then let FS Central do the rest. How long does the licence transfer process take?
  12. I have just received my new PC today and need to reinstall all my ORBX products. Is there an advantage to doing it using the new system, or should I use existing backups before transferring my licences? Kind regards,
  13. Without doubt a programme called SPAD Next at www.fsgs.com has worked out to be the best for me. It is under constant improvement and covers all the Saitek panels. I have a full suite of panels, and Saitek hardware and it supports them all.
  14. Absolutely support Simdowns thank you. Well done ORBX, its nice that you have totally supported us through some major changes in the hobby platforms. Keep up the good work in improving our experience and I wish you future success as we move forward with you.