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  1. Thank you Nick, I just have issues crashing out of sim when I reach Iceland. I don't have the Demo installed, but every other product I do have. wasn't sure if it was an issue.
  2. Is the Iceland demo replaced by any of the other ORBX sceneries, or do we keep it on regardless of what other ORBX products we purchase?
  3. I mentioned the Queensferry crossing to JV at Cosford last year and he said he would get it added. However with hindsight I reckon he was assuming TE North would satisfy my request. Got to agree with Graham though, please add it to EU Scotland, the Scotflight one is not up to the ORBX standard.
  4. I bought it this morning, it’s brilliant. Really love it and the jetways. Just need them to come out with the decent Queensferry Crossing nearby as the freeware version is not good. The performance is good and the SODE jetways a plus. Love the trams too.
  5. Will it include seasonal textures to blend with FTX Scotland?
  6. I found I had to uninstall and reinstall ESSA as I had double buildings etc, as if there was a default airport there as well. Happy to report all is working well now and thanks to Marcus for linking that article, I now identified working jetways. Thanks all for your help.
  7. Great work guys, can I ask which jetways are working at ESSA, I have as of yet been unable to find one. Does it require a reboot or something?
  8. I have found City Scenes to be kind on performance. I have an average PC with a 1070 GTX. Never had a slide show with any of the ORBX city sceneries.
  9. Very nice indeed Iain. Never made it in real life, but will be nice to visit in sim.
  10. Thank you for listening John. LOD 14 with seasons would be my preferred choice. I must admit I was disappointed to have such beautiful scenery and then not have the changing seasons.
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