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  1. I do tend to agree with you , however , Orbx has been a quality label for a long time and this clearly was not tested in any way prior to being released. I would have hoped that a compagny like Orbx , when faced with poor quality check , would take actions in a reasonable amount of time ... and a few weeks ( 1 to 3 ) is ... but more than 4 MONTHS is not acceptable when you pay full price for an airport scenery ... seriously.
  2. Hi Ed, I do hope you and your familly are doing well in those times. Would you have an ETA for the basic ( ILS etc ... ) corrections for EGPH , Thank you very much and take care. Kind regards
  3. Dear Ed , Do you have an estimated ETA for the release of the first patch ? Thank you very much.
  4. Hi Nick , Thanks for the reply, I there anything I can tweak to correct it ? ( KTNP 29 Palms ) Thanks
  5. Same effect here in the middle of the desert around 29Palms KTNP Airport, whatever the Airport Elevation correction is activated or not.
  6. Great Thank you ! Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation was the issue , I had to restart P3D twice for the change to really take effect. Thanks a lot !
  7. Hi Holger, Thanks for your answer. Is there a screenshot I could provide you that would clear all doubts ? If you tell me where I should put the airplane and time season to have a close look at the trees ?
  8. Do the screenshots that I uploaded look like the Trees HD are enabled ?
  9. Excuse my ignorance but I do not know what speedtrees is ?
  10. Thanks I Meant, do you want me to load a specific airport or time and season in P3D to take the screenshot ?
  11. Sure, Tell me where do you want me to load the sim ? Do you have a benchmark location ?
  12. Hi guys, I have updated FTX Central and made a clean install of my ORBX Products, however, it seems to me that FTX Global Trees HD did not really install despite the fact FTX says it did. The default flight in P3DV4 shows me the same trees before and after installing the product. Is there a way to manually check that all the files are where they are supposed to be ? Or maybe position the aircraft at a certain position and look at the trees ? If i have doubts it is because I still have a separate computer with P3DV3 and the trees HD, and it looks nothing like what shows in P3DV4.
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