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  1. Golfguyw5, I have this problem also. With the parking spots unchecked get the floating buildings and aircraft. After I start P3d at PAKT, I press alt, then world, then scenery library, I then just hit OK and everything is back to earth. Hope this helps, It works for me. Dan
  2. Holger, Thank you for your reply. I will do some more research and let you know. Thanks again.
  3. Dave, Thank you for trying. You had some very good ideas and suggestions. This is my third post about this problem, over the last few months, but no one from Orbx has replied. So it seems they are unsure of what is causing this either. Thanks again for you help
  4. FTX Global with hybrid on, or off and North America all do about the same. The only way I can clear it to normal is to open the scenery library and click OK.
  5. Dave, Thanks for the try but I disabled the three .bgl files and still have the problem. When I select PAJN, I get this; When I go to the scenery library and press OK, after it reloaded the scenery, I get this: I really don't know why this is happening. I have not seen this problem on any other airport.
  6. Dave, Thanks for replying, I have done a search and cannot find any other afcad or ADE files other than Orbx. I am using Ultimate Traffic 2. I do have FTX Southern Alaska.
  7. Wow! It's been a month and 51 views and no help. I guess no one is either willing or able to heip me with this problem Frustrating!!! Dan
  8. I am having problems with PAJN, I have FTX Central set to North America. I start P3d v3.3. I select PAJN as the airport. When P3d starts I get image PAJN1 I press ALT, World then Scenery library. After the library opens, without changing anything, I press OK and let the scenery reload I get image PAJN2 I have run AEC several times, but it did not help. As a matter of fact, PAJN is not on either list. I have no idea why this is happening. I have not seen this on any other airport. I was hoping someone can help me solve this problem Thanks,
  9. Bernd, Thank you for your reply. I have 16g of RAM with about 12g free. Dan
  10. When I run AEC in FTX North America or FTX Europe. I get the following error and no corrections seem to be made. When I run AEC in FTX Global I don't get this error and corrections are made. I have 16gb of memory and a 1TB SSD. Can you help me? Dan.
  11. I am trying to reinstall PILOTs Global 2010 into my P3D v3.1. I re-downloaded from FSS and unzipped into a new folder. When I run the install program I get the following error messages. (See attachments) I have tried with and without administrator. Still the same error. My specs: i7 2500 CPU @ 4.3G 8G memory Nvidia 960 1 SSD 1T 1 HHD 1T I can sometimes figure these problems out, but this one has me stumped. Can anyone help me?
  12. Richard, Thank you for help but I have been waiting 4 days and no one has responded. I guess the developer dos not have any idea how to fix my problem either. Dan
  13. Shukan007 Thank you for your suggestion but I already tried that and it didn't work for me. Dan
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