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  1. Hello All. I must say I really enjoy the beautiful Aerofly FS2 Sim. I haven't been able to fly lately so took the time to look up Steam's DLC. Have Orbx got the same two DLC's available for AFS2, namely North East USA and Switzerland? Jim
  2. Digging out these small airfields/strips is how I get my enjoyment of flying. It's a great feeling as you track them down. Jim
  3. Ken Q and Scott. Just love your posts. This one for you Scott , how true. JimNZ
  4. I do much the same as Bullfox writes. I enjoy amateur radio so interact the two thereby keeping myself fresh. As Ed says, and I've been with Orbx from the very beginning like most on here. If Orbx says you need this to run with something, I get it. No questions asked. However, all the main guts of Orbx sceneries and to make them all the more realistic you need the one and only purchase eg readup what FTX Global Vector adds to a scenery and what else it does like making elevation of runways correct. There's a reason for everything, believe me. It looks like you are from Aotearoa too. I'll PM you. Jim.
  5. I wish you the very best of luck and happy birthday too. I say 'luck', as my wife also bought me a yoke and throttle (X52) as a surprise two weeks or so ago. It was for no apparent reason, but in a couple of months, we celebrate our 50 years marriage. Anyway, she sent to Auckland for it. It arrived a couple of days later but the lights wouldn't work. Packed it up received a replacement guess what? the lights wouldn't go on that one. Went through the same system again, received my third one three days ago, guess what? the MFD light wouldn't light up. sent it back and are ready now to dig my old one out of the rubbish and use that, at least it works but no lights. Best of luck, I know you will be one happy chappy. Jim.
  6. Thank you for the photo's, it was the first on the news when I woke this morning. Apparently, the runway was wet with lots of ice. They were extremely lucky. Jim
  7. There is a third option, have a look at Aerofly FS2. However, I cannot comment on your actual question, as I've never flown with P3D. Jim
  8. Could be he is taking a few well earnt days off over mid-summer with his family. I know he's worked his butt off trying to fix my issue, poor fellow. Actually, I just remembered. Most days it appears he is in the air, lands, does his work, goes to his hotel and works on our woes. Now that's dedication. Jim.
  9. There's no need to show real shots. Just makes it harder for the mod Jim
  10. First of all welcome to the forums. Where every question is answered. The two major Devs/Mods are Nick and Doug. However, there are other extremely talented people who will get you up and running. I'm not one of them sorry. I've been on for 20+ years ans would you believe it. Those black squares have just popped up in my scenery too. It is not an uncommon problem. First of all, go into the FSX program, and untick Direct X 10 Preview. Now that should clear the black squares. Then will enable you to get started and have a fly and gaze at the beautiful, majestic Orbx scenery. Then just as soon as you can go to search, enter your problem. Nick Cooper has an excellent piece which will help you enormously. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to guide you there but I'm sure someone will read this and show you. You will be looking for a file called "Steve's Fixer". That explains it and what file you need to rid of it forever. Just follow the directions, very simple. Good luck. JimNZ
  11. I would like to say a big thanks to the gentlemen above. The reading that I was directed to, was very enlightening, making me better understand why Direct X behaved like it does and why Steve's fixer is a must. In many cases it actually improves the scenery. Bullfrog, I couldn't say this before reading the above, but can now say yes, you are so right. If anyone, particularly the new sim pilots don't understand this important part of FSX read the comments and direction above. You will understand a lot more about what goes on in FSX and Steve's Fixer. Jim.
  12. Hello All. I have had to work on FSX lately. It was then that Preview DirectX 10 came into play. Since I bought my new computer, about 7 odd months ago, (I only have Orbx products onboard) flying has been a joy with Preview DirectX 10 checked. Just before Xmas, to get more GB's back with more scenery in the tube, I uninstalled a large number of games that the Grandies had put on. Went to fly, and found all these black squares within the scenery. I found Nick's great advice and unchecked DirectX 10. Great, everything back to normal. I had a play around at this stage, checked DirectX again, back came the black squares, so now it stays unchecked. Why does this happen. I checked google but it didn't really answer my question. Do you lose anything by not using DirectX? I would very much like to know the answer to these two questions. If someone could oblige, I'd be very grateful.
  13. Welcome back Ezra. I recall when you were on. Great to see you back. Regards, JimNZ
  14. Doug. Thank you for your help in deleting FTX Global Vector. I have done that and taken out the files as directed except I could not find FTX_Global_Vector_Pack.txt there was however a FTX_Global_Base_Pack.txt but did not touch it as it wasn't the same as you wrote. Now, I have checked and Vector has gone, but I cannot re-download it unless I put it into the cart and pay for it again. I actually tried that but pulled out again, I didn't want to make more trouble, so how do you get it free ? With the back squares, I see Nick wrote an article about how to get rid of them about a year ago, one of the instruction being to buy an item off FTX which is what I'll do tomorrow, as I have to get out of here now, the grandkids are getting ready for bed. What day do they leave Jim.
  15. Excellent, thanks Doug. However, the major problem remains. If I miss flying in FSX for a couple of days it's like having my throat cut, miss it to hi-heaven, that makes me an addict I believe. Maybe the York terrier can grip this in his teeth and suggest an answer. I believe even the makers learn from him and I mean Boeing etc. Jim
  16. Thank you Doug. The Sim is FSX, by the way no problems with AFS2. Good, I know where to find the force migration thanks. AEC, I believe is within FTX Global Vector. I thought if I uninstalled FTX Global Vector and then re-installed a fresh one maybe, just maybe, I might get AEC back again. It's totally useless now as the control panel is it, is completely greyed out. I'll try the force migration in the morning as I don't want to make any mistakes and make the job harder than what it is. Just re-read your post Doug, there's no problem with FTX Central v3. I appreciate what you are trying to do Doug.
  17. First of all I apologise to Nick. I can remember seeing the migration tool but where I don't know, tried the search but that didn't help either. Now down to the guts of my problem. Since I've had my new computer some 8-9 months ago now, I could turn all the settings to max and there was no problem anywhere. It was a joy. I haven't done anything to the computer except a couple of days ago I installed a new controller. I had an ancient joystick, it was that old the name had rubbed off, and installed a fancy new one called Saitek X52 HOTAS given to me by the grandkids at Xmas (they threw the old one out saying it was an embarrassment) (Could it have changed the drivers somehow?) but now I have black squares about every third building in Innsbruck. I changed the scenery, and picked something not as involved namely Aeropelican. Now I have a line just in front of the aircraft's nose. These are big black squares, about a dozen of them. I changed the scenery settings making doubly sure the mesh Res was set to 5. Tried the neighbour's old joystick, no change. So obviously something has changed within the settings, do you think that's possible. Something came to mind. If that migration is with AEC within FTX GLOBAL Vector, can I uninstall the FGV and download a fresh one. I must mention though, how do I uninstall it when everything is greyed out. Dear oh dear, what a mess. Help please as I wouldn't know where to start. Jim
  18. Dear Martyn. Okay kangaroo muncher What I envisaged was 15 large personnel, in painted black jerseys, with a silver fern, typifying the true Kiwi he-man, down their opponents end where there are 15 skinny, little Lilly whites painted yellow or wearing white with a red rose Jim (last seen heading East at a very fast run)
  19. Perhaps a rugby field with the All Blacks, after all we are world champions twice in a row added to Christchurch or Dunedin. Jim.
  20. Maybe a Kiwi or two. Seriously though, I good thought, It would add that extra touch to an already best scenery on the planet. Can't sit back on your laurels. Jim.
  21. Ah Ha, got it Daz, thanks for the correction on the misread HNYJim.
  22. I have carefully read all the pros and cons. To keep this short as those before me have amply qualified their decision. I will buy for Aerofly FS2 and the four seasons but I'd be happy with just winter and summer. Jim.
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