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  1. Chumley. A couple or so weeks ago, I got stuck into Tasmania. What fun. Even though I'm a Kiwi I had never heard of Flinders Island etc. I had an absolute ball flying around there. I hope others read this and head on down to this beautiful place, great fun to be had. I'd really like to sit back and chat to you Chum but gotta close down now as we have 5 wonderful hours of watching these pesky Ozzies get put in their place by the AB's (both women and men)
  2. As I have written elsewhere in this forum lately, please add world known cricket and rugby grounds. As I am a fanatic for the above sports, but to be fair, I should throw in soccer grounds too. Thanks too for the mention of race courses. Jim
  3. I apologise but hope you will allow this to stay, as I have asked on Steam but no replies. I bought through DLC, on Steam, the program 'moving map'. I haven't been able to get it to work yet. Can someone tell me, does it work as designed? and is it the same as the original which was sold separately. I did write to the company, their response didn't help at all. Many thanks, Jim
  4. Just a small comment from a sports addict. If at all possible could you please add in the famous sports grounds we hear about down-under, but probably will never see. eg Lords, Edgbaston?, Twickers, the famous race tracks etc. Jim
  5. Hello Theveyre. Welcome to the best forum on the planet. I know once you get these teething problems out of the way, you really are going to enjoy yourself. We have two top advises in Nick and Doug. There are others too who are extremely good and will help you in a flash. Actually, I must apologise for not answering your question earlier. Was it PayPal you wanted to use? No, Orbx prefers other companies. Unless another member can suggest another way, then you will have to make changes your end. All the very best, don't forget to look at the frebees as they are wonderful quality at a great price. Regards Jim.
  6. Oh great, thanks for the HU Richard. I'll have a look at that tomorrow. ( late to bed last night after watching the AB's beat those pesky Ozies into submission. Jim.
  7. I realise this has been available for a while but due to unavoidable reasons I have just come across it. I want to thank Orbx for the extension of free sceneries that are now available. To those of you who have just joined or are thinking about joining us have a look at the free scenery. I don't know of any other company who does this and gives a discount to seniors and schoolkids too, I believe. Thanks for your generosity, Orbx. Jim.
  8. If frame rates is ever an issue Colin, try AfS2. It may not have been around last time you were on. Regards, Jim
  9. Yes Ray, just what direction to take is a very hard decision. Coming from a remote country, a remote area within that country makes decisions even harder. I would give anything to see AFS2 through the VR glasses as that no doubt would make my mind up instantly, going on what people have written about the breath-taking scenery through VR. I really don't know what path to concentrate on. I'll just wait and see and keep reading I think. Regards, Jim.
  10. Hi Yen. Glad you are enjoying it all. Orbx scenery is the best scenery IMHO. I personally don't use anything else. With regards to GA fliers, yes there are a lot of members who like GA flying, including yours truly. Nothing better in my opinion. A good scenery to get is PNG. There are a number of airfields to find and it gives a good chance to use GE too. Find a good GA aircraft if you haven't already, low and slow. Have fun. JimNZ
  11. Freebird, I agree with you. I really enjoy having to find cockies or other small airports/airstrips. Jean-Jacques, thank you for the help. It worked a peach, thanks. Jim......JimNZ
  12. Thank you Matteo. In a word, this is called 'dedication'. You deserve all the plaudits you get. Well done. Jim......JimNZ
  13. Terribly sorry gents. I have completely forgotten how to enter the .kmz files into GE, I've entered them before for other area's but the grey matter has failed me badly. I apologize Jim/NZ
  14. I would like to thank the support team who very quickly helped me get up and running again after I had a problem yesterday. Everything working as it should be now. Jim/NZ
  15. I asked the same question about 6 or so months ago. Got a very good answer too "why not use the one within FSX? Regards, Jim.
  16. A well-written article. Congratulations Neil, I personally couldn't agree more. Jim/NZ
  17. Hello All. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I couldn't get to ask this question any earlier, I am keen to know how it went. How did the show go recently in the USA? Particularly Orbx and the flight sims they are involved in. Did they draw good positive comments? I hope so as they all deserve it. Would someone who was there, like to comment, please. Regards, Jim.
  18. I have it installed virtually since it's inception. It's awesome (to use a young persons word). Jim.
  19. It has been done by Andreas, what more can you say. Brilliant again. Jim
  20. Lovely video. If I can comment on the scenery, it's Wellington as I know it, I cannot find a fault anywhere and the trip over the Alps again just beautiful. Like to hear a dinkum Kiwi accent in ATC but that's just being very picky. Great stuff, Jim.
  21. Two lovely roses between all those thorns. GL everyone. Jim /NZ
  22. I'm interested in the aspect of flying. Broome is beautifully put together and the scenery amazing. Must say I don't miss anything else. I certainly wouldn't add any traffic by a third party yet. Get to know your product first, until you know it works with the King of scenery Orbx. IMHO don't read and take in what the sellers say's, check with other members on here first. Jim/NZ
  23. GL, keep safe and who knows your next trip might be way down here in Aotearoa. Jim/NZ
  24. Yep, after saying your fried rice will soon be delivered by a drone, funny how serious the opposition gets. Jim/NZ
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