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  1. Hi, the Problem is solved, Ed Correias advice in "prepar3d" Forum under "New -zealand-region-crash-detection-nzqn" is the solution: " With FTX Central set to Oceania go to the Scenery\World\Scenery folder and delete the ADE_FTX_NZSI_NZQN_elevation_adjustment.BGL file. Then re-install NZQN and see if the elevation issue is still present. Also ensure that the NZQN entry is above the NZSI regions entries, it should be if you let FTX Central manage the insertion Points" Best regards Peter
  2. great that you updated NZQN for prepar3d. But atfer installing into prepar3d v 3.1, it seems that there is an elevation problem ( vector is installed). Has anybody tested the new version in prepar3d v 3.1? Best regards Peter
  3. Hi Doug, I have added the order number to my signature. Peter
  4. Hi everybody, I just installed openLC North America - Alaska - Canada without any Problems. After starting FSX I noticed, that in the scenery library ORBX NAMERICA1 is not activated any more. Is this correct? Best regards Peter
  5. It is annoying that obviously a fault was done, which neither the programmers nor the testers recognized. That could happen. But it is miserable, that the responsible people from ORBX have not the courage to give a clear statement what went wrong and what should be done to solve the problem. Best regards Peter
  6. Problem solved, UTX - Files have to be below NRM - Files! Phantastic scenery, thank you verry much for this grat product.
  7. After installing I try to fly from diffrent airports but got only problems: Trees on the runways in Golden and Rocky Mountain House, no runways in Banff and jasper!
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