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  1. Right now having installed YMML v2 & PNW the shortcomings of my WinXP 32 bit system are revealed. I get lack/loss of memory after about 10 mins flying, generally having got that far with lousy frame rates. My PC "guru" tells me I should go for 64 bit (Win7) and much more memory so the whole lot adds up to a new MoBo, processor, RAM & video card. Christmas could take care of the matter, point is who can suggest a good upgrade specification? (And having read P17 of the PNW manual I can now see I had the cart before the horse as I am just at entry level). Alwyn Boulby Stokesley, North Yorkshire. UK.
  2. Over here in the UK I bought PNW some time ago. It did slow up my machine however the disaster that befell me was with SP2. I got cliffs at Seattle and the whole thing ground to a halt, ran out of memory and eventually shut down my FSX. My system (PC not lap top) is Win7, GTX9800 v/card, Intel Core 2 Quad CPUq8200 2.33 GHZ. HDD is 750MB & FSX. I really would welcome opinions & also views of possible upgrade. BTW I downloaded latest V card drivers which compounded the felony. My FS friends all tell me to stay with drivers v8.64. Are these size and consequent slow down issues common with all ORBX products? Best wishes Alwyn Boulby (Stokesley, North Yorkshire, UK)
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